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conscious (adjective)
aware; awake
When I mix chemicals, I am conscious of the safety procedures.
inscription (noun)
carving or writing on a surface ;
a signed message on a picture or in a book
Both American coins and paper dollars have an inscription " IN GOD WE TRUST".
Infer (verb)
to conclude; to guess
The physics students inferred from thier lab results that acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s.
transcript (verb)
to make a complete written copy ;
to copy something into another form
Medical transcriptionist transcribe every word of doctors speech.
imply( verb)
to suggest; to say something indirectly
When Americans' wanted to imply something, yhey say, " I would do dad dad dad...".
conscience (noun)
sense of righr and wrong; moral sense
Researchers show that chlidren conscience, sense of right and wrong, starts at age four.
effect (noun)
a result

Regularly studying has a positive effect on students' grade.
invoke (verb)
to call in assistance; to call upon

Ethiopia invoked the help of European Union for food aid.

revoke (verb)
to cancel or withdraw
I don't revoke from Read-100 class, but someone cancelled me from
affect (verb)
to have an influence on ; to change
Geography affects the living condition of people.
epigram (noun)
a short, clever saying, often in rythme
I like epigrams because they are short and clever way of saying something.
vociferous (adjective)
crying out noisily; speaking loudly
The politian speech was so voceferous that he doesn't need any loud speakers.
demographic (adjective)
referring to the study of population characteristic
Fro demographic data, I inferred that population growth will decline in America.
edict (noun)
an order or decree

The transitional government of Ethiopia made an edict which bans child labor.
loquacious (adjective)
very talkative

Our brother talks very much so
he is loquacious man.
monologue (noun)
a speech or performance by one person
I don't like a monologue play, because there is only one person is playing.
prologue (noun)
the introduction to a literary or artistic work;
an introductory event
I always want to hear the prologue of programs when they introduce them.
manuscript (noun, adjective)
the orginal text of a book or article before publication (noun)
referring to writing done by han(adjective)
I would like to thankmy friends who gave me valuable comments on this manuscript before publication.
contradict (verb)
to say or put forth the opposite of something

Not to confuse our son, I and my wife do not contradict in our advice.
graghic (adjective)
referring to drawing or articstic writing ;
described vividly or clearly
Today's lecture was so graghic that all us understood it very clealy.
dictator (noun)
a ruler with total authority

Mengistu H/M, dictator president of Ethiopia, ordered to close many christian churches.
advocate (verb)
to urge publicly; to recommend (verb)
a person who publicly urges a cause (noun)
Ecologists advocate conservation of natural resources when they demonstrate publicily.
Colloquial (adjective)
informal conversation or expression

When you give a speech, speak formally, but do not use any colloquial ways.
the relationship of living things and their environment; the study of this relationship
He knows better about our environment because he studied ecology.