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jettison (verb)

to throw out forcefully;
to throw overboard

After buying a new furniture, we jettison the old furniture to the trash area.
abstain (verb)

not to do something by choise

Ethiopian people abstain from involving in the adjecent countries political problems.
dejected (adjective)

depressed; downcast

Mark was dejected when he lost his lovely girlfriend.
staunch (adjective)

faithful; firmly supporting

My staunch wife stood by me through our difficult times.
conducive (adjective)

k n-doosiv
contributing to, leading to

My cultured manager of my company created a conducive atmosphere which leads to work with him.
status quo (noun)

stat s kwo
the existing conditios; present state of things
Today we had a discussion with Shilley, our instructor of read 100, which changed our status quo.
abduction (noun)

ab-duksh n

Abduction, kidnapping of people, should be destroyed from America as soon as possible.

di-duksh n
something subtracted from a total;
a conclusion drawn from evidence
From our three hour dialoque with my classmate, I made a deduction that she loves me.
eject (verb)

to force to leave; to expel

Poison gases should not be ejected to the atmospher.
stature ( )

stach r
level of achievement and honor;

In my country, elder people has a great social stature.