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contemporary (noun, adjective)

k n-temp -rere
a person living during the same time period as another person Bitu Birru was a contemporary of Daniel Abebe.
collaborate (verb)

k -la -rat
to work together

My wife and I collaborated to find ways to help our gdand fathers and grand mothers.
discord (noun)

strife; lack of agreement

The two amicable friends have a discord on the gene coding research.
coherent (adjective)

ko-hir nt
logical; consistent,clearly reasoned

The Minneapolise Community and Technical College worked out a coherent policy for admitting minorities.
synopsis (noun)

a short summary

Reading only a synopsis can't give all information required for examination.
sparse (adjective)

thinly scattered or distributed; meager

If you looked through the microscope, you could see sparse materials in the water.
commual (adjective)

k -myoonel
reffering to a community or to joint ownership

My wife and I lived in a Seward apartment where we have a communal baths, kitchens and dining room.
nadir (noun)

nad r
the lowest point

The coolest nadir temprature was recorded a decade ago.
syndrome (noun)

a group of symptoms that indicates a disease or disorder
The HIV syndrome agravate as soon as one has it.
intersperse (verb)

int r-spurs
to scatter here and there; to distribute among other things

The kid interspersed his toys among other kids.
segregate (adjective)

seg ri-gat
to separate

It is very difficult to segregate the mixtures of white and barely.
cuisine (noun)

a style of food or cooking

We had our lunch at the Ethiopian cuisine.
disparity (noun)

inquality; difference

My sister and I have a significant disparity in age because she is 15 years old and I am 10 years old.
bravado (noun)

br -va do
false bravery; showy display of courage
The teenager is a bravado as he was challenged a renowed gang leader.
disreputable (adjective)

dis-repy -b l
not respectable; having a bad reputation

The owner of the company was so disreputable that we thought he was hourly paid associate.
charisma (noun)

k -riz m
quality of leadership that attracts other people

Pastore Benn Hinn has a good charisma who attracts many people to his church.
gregarious (adjective)

gri-gare- s
sociable; fond of company

Since I am gregarious, I liked to talk with people while I am cashiering at store.
cliche (noun)

an overused; trite expression

My fathers speach was full of cliches with a plan of action.
compatible (adjective)

k m-pat -b l
harmonious; living in harmony

My former class mates liked me becuase I was compatible with everyone.
zenith (noun)

the highest point

The ancient empire of abssinia subdued the country occupied presently by Yemen at its zenith power.
concur (verb)

k n-kur
to agree

Nike and DAve concur on the new law of the school after a lot of arguments.
syntheis (noun)

something made from combined parts; the making of something by combing parts
Green plants synthesis thier own foods by using minerals from soil, carbondioxide from air and sunlight.
congregate (verb)

to meet; to assemble

Every sunday people congregate at the church to hear God's word from the Bible.
disperse (verb)

to scatter; to distribute widely
The farmer dispersed the seed on the field.