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audit: (noun, verb)

audit (hear)
to examine accounts (verb)

to atend a class without receiving credit (verb)

NOTE: Audit is also used in a more general, nonfinancial sense: "An audit of student records revealed that many people had overpaid tuition."
auditory: (adjective)

audit (hear)
Referring to hearing
inaudible (adjective)

in- (not)+ audi (hear)
not able to be heard
empathy (noun)

em-(in) +pathy (feeling, suffering)
understanding of or identification with anothe person's feelings.
pathology (noun)

patho (disease)+-logy(study of)
the study of disease

sign of disease; something that is not normal
pathetic (noun)

patho (feeling, suffering)
pitifl; arousing pity

Ex: The injured bird masd a pathetic attempt to fly.
impede (verb)

im-(in)+ ped (foot)
to hinder; to slow down; to block

Ex: Lack of funding impedes progress on research.

Heavy snow impeded the bus trip.
pedigree (noun)

ped (foot) + de ( of)+ grue (crane)
ancestry; certificate of ancestry

Ex: The pedigree of Emglish royaly includes many German ancestors.