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13.pandemonium (noun)

From Greek: pan-(all)+ dainon (demon)
chaos, wild disorder, & noise

A fire in the restaurant caused pandemonium as patrons fled & trampled each other.
14.panorama (noun)

From Greek: pan-(all)+ horan (to see)
an unbroken view over a large area

From the top of the Eiffel Tower, visitors see a panorama of the Paris skyling.

a wide-ranging survey

The college course offered a panorama of world history.

panoramic(adj) Looking down from the Colorado ski slope, we had a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains.

NOTE: panorama cam refer either to a physical view of something or a "view" in one's mind, as in a wide-ranging presentation of a subject.
15.psyche (noun)

From Greek: psych-(soul)
mental state; soul

Mozart's superb music gives no clue to his troubled psyche.
Psychologists believe that basic needs for food & love govern the human psyche.

NOTE: Psyche usually reffers to the part of the mind that is not rational & is related to feelings such as self-esteem & happiness.
16.psychosomatic (adj)

From Greek: psych-(mind; soul)= soma (body)
referring to physical disorders that are cuased by the mind

Parents can develop psychosomatic illnesses from the stress of raising teenagers.
17. boycott (verb, noun)
to refuse to use or buy something as an act of protest (verb)

The Professional Golf Association decide to boycott country clubs that did not admit minorities.

the act of boycotting (noun)

The International Labor Organization may urge a boycott of cocoa harvested by young children.
18. chauvinism (noun)

chauvinist (noun, person) Slam poets frequently attach male chauvinists.

chauvinistic (adj) to avoid using a chauvinistic label, the city of Sacrament to renamed a "manhole" as a "maintenance hole."
prejudiced devotion to a group or country

Jim's chauvinism was evident from the dozens of "Buy American" bumper stickers on his pickup truck.

The men of the primitive Yanomamo tribe display chauvinism when they say that women are too clumsy to make pottery.
19.gargantuan (adj)
huge, immense

The gargantuan fossil skeleton of "Sue," a Tyrannosaurus rex, is forty feet long.

I couldn't finish the gargantuan "super burrito."

The man was shocked by the gargantuan legal fees from his divorce.
20.martial (adj)
referring to war or soldiers

Dress in armor & carrying a sword, the knight had a splendid martial appearance.
21.maverick (noun,person)
an independent-minded person who does not conform or adhere to rules

Tom was a maverick who refused to wear the school uniform

NOTE: Maverick can also function as an adjective, as in "The maverick politician refuses to follow party leaders."
22.odyssey (noun)
a long & adventurous journey

In an unsual odyssey, David Hempleman-Adams became the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean by balloon.

As the result of a spiritual odyssey that led him to join the Nation of Islam, Malcolm Little changed his name to Malcolm X.
23.quixotic (adjective)
noble, but not practical; having unreachable ideas; idealistic

Scott spent three years in a quixotic effort to block the construction of a high-rise in a neighborhood others had lost interest in.