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contradict (verb)

contra-(against)+ dict (speak)
to say or put forth the opposite of something

EX: In court, the defendant contradicted the statement he had given police

It is not wise to contradict your boss in front of coworkers.
dictator (noun)

dict (speak) (A dictator is a ruler who speaks with power; whatever the ruler says is done.)
a ruler with total authority

EX: Former dictator Saddam Hussein killed thousands of Iraqis.
edict (noun)

e-(out)+ dict (speak)
an order or decree

EX: On September 26, 1996, the Talivan issued an edict forbidding females from working or going to school.
colloquial (adjective)

com-(together)+ log (speak) (when we "speak together" with friends, our speech is colloquial.)
informal conversation or expression

EX: E-mail to friends tupically use a colloquial style.
ecology (noun)

oikos (house)+ -logy (study of)
the relationship of living things and their environment

EX: Fire plays a key role in the ecology of many forests.
loquacious (adjective)

loq- (speak)
very talkative

The loquacious beautician talked nonstop throughout my haircut.

The Tv talk show host had to cut off the loquacious actor by calling for a commercial.
monologue (noun)

monos (one) +log (speak)
a speech or performance by one person
prologue (noun)

pro- (before)+ log (speak)
the introduction to a literary or artistic work

an introductory event
advocate (verb)

ad- (toward) + voc (voice, call)
to urge publicly; to recommend (verb)

a person whou publicly urges a cause (noun)
invoke (verb)

in-(in) +voc (to call)
to call in assistance; to call upon
revoke (verb)

re-(back)+ vok (to call)
to cancel or withdraw
vociferous (adjective)

voc-(voice) +ferre (carry)
crying out noisily: speaking loudly

EX: The vociferous audience shouted for more songs.
demographic (adjective)

demos (people)+ graph (write)
referring to population characteristics
epigram (noun)

epi (on)+ gram (write)
a short, clever saying, often in rhyme
graphic (adjective, noun)

graph (write)(Graphe meant "drawing, writing.")
referring to drawings or artistic writing (adjective)

described vivdly or clearly (adjective)

artistic design or drawing (noun)