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trans: airborne dropletc
one serotype virus
one serotype
droplet transmission
vaccine: Live attenuated
CMV: cytomegalovirus
largest herpes virus
trans: salivary glands
causes: fetal malformations, intersitial p. in immunocompromised
Epstein Bar Virus (EBV)
trans: saliva
replicates in B lymphocytes
remains latent in B cells
Burkitt's Lymphoma
EBV closely related, co-carinogen with Malaria
Malaria weakens t cell control of EBV infxn
Small Pox (variola)
caused by poxvirus
global eradication by 1980
no: clinical infections, carriers, animal resevoir
effective vaccine
vector bourne virus
Yellow Fever
vector: mosquito
transmission: Aedes aegypti
where: Africa, Central/South America and Caribbean
Dengue Fever
Dengue hemorraghic fever
vector: mosquito: A. aegypti is principal human vector
Rickettsial Infections
small bacteria
obligate parasites
transmitted by arthropods
mult in human epithelial
Rocky mountain spotted fever
R. rickettsii
vector: dog and wood ticks
Mediterranean spotted fever
R. conorri
vector: dog ticks
Epidemic typhus
R. prowazeckii
trans: person to person by louse Pediculus corporis
Endemic typhus
R. typhii
vector: rat flea
Lyme disease
vector: Ixodes (tick) natural cycle takes place in mice and deer
Plasmodium: P. falciparum most virulent
vector: femal anopheles mosquito
African sleeping sickness
Trypanosoma brucei gambiense and T. rhodesiense
vector: tse-tse fly
antigenic variation (T. brucei)
Tx: arsenicals
Chaga's disease
(South American sleeping sickness)
T. cruzi
Vector: reduviid bug (kissing bug)
Vector: Sandfly
Visceral: develops slowly, die from liver failure
called kalazar
Cutaneous: progresses from small papule at site of infection, develops into large ulcer which may heal with scarring
Schistosomes (helminth)
penetrate skin, migrate via blood to lungs and liver
body become hypersensitive to eggs
ex. urinary schistosomiasis
filaria nematodes
lymphatic: Brugia and Wuchereria
causes elephantiasis by obstruction of lymphatics
parasites of various species in rodents that cause a lifelong infections
lassa fever virus
arenavirus that infects the bush rat
human exposure is through infected rat's urine
Korean Hemorrhagic feer
Huantaan virus
persistant infection in mice and rats, exp. from their urine
Marburg and Ebola
filovirus (long ss rna virus)resevoir unknown