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the entente cordiale
1904-alliance system
people left out of new countries, wanting to incorperate those small pockets into country
schlieffen plan
1905-germans go into paris through belgium, plan to take paris in a month
the sick old man
the ottoman empire dies slowly
ottoman empire falls
after ww1
hungarian kingdom where many serbs lived-district
slavic family, recognized as a kingdom in the conress of berlin(1878)
sarajevo crisis
june 28th 1914
gravilo princip
bosnian serb that assassinated franz ferdinand
us enters war under woodrow wilson
1917-because germans kept sinking american ship(lucitiania)
czarist goverment collapse
sealed train
germans helped lenin gain entry back into russia
the balfour note
written by british secretary, britian would support a jewish nation in palestine
polish corridor
strip of land that gave poland water access, but took land from germany
versailles treaty
november 11th, 1918
land given up by germany throuh the versaille treaty
keyens economic
econmist that said harsh treatment of germany after ww1 would cause economic repercusions
nothing..bullshit unexplanable shit-post world war movement
stock market crash
weimar republic
little republic that ave rise to the nazi movement
"red tape" surrender
where ww1 veterans thought beurocrats surrendered to early-believed it to be treason to sign treaty of versailles
german election 1933
where nazi party gained enouh seats in parliament
nuremberg laws
1935-declared who was a german citizen
march 1938-took over austria(irredentalism)
invasion of sudatenland
september 1938-czechslovacia(irredentalism)
munich conference
september 29, 1938-made hitler sign paper promising that he wouldnt invade any other countries
german take over of poland
charles degal
leader of the frensh resistance and independence
battle of britain
hitler attacked england and launched an air bombing campaign
molotov-ribbentrop pact
august 23, 1939-non violent truce between russia and germany
hitler invades russia
june 22 1941
battle of the bulge
december 1944
dresdeb bombing
february 1945
april 30th 1945
hitler commits suicide