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Who was the charismatic Russian revolutionary who took Marxism and extended it?
who believed that there can't be a workers revolution because there is no union and you need cadre of leaders to shape and guide the revolution
what did lenin believe in revolution?
can't be a workers revolution because there is no union
who was a Marxist theorist and the founder of Red Army
who created the 5 years plan?
What is the 5 years plan?
the plan focuses on heavy industry and gives facotires huge quotas.
who were the culox?
propserous farmers who kills the livestock so the 5 years plan won't work.
what does NEP stand for?
New Economic Policy
what is NEP?
a way to step backward to move forward; this give private owernship to people and the policy also improved economics.
who created the Great Purge & what is it?
Stalin, involves persecution of enemies of the people
a pact signed between Soviet Uion and Germany
Non-Aggression Pact
what was the Non-Aggression pact between?
Soviet Union and Germany
who was assinated by Schuschnigg?
Who's death caused Mussolini to mobilize his army in the Austrian-Italian border?
Who was the leader of the fascist party called Heimwehr?
What did the fascist party called Heimwehr do?
abolish freedom of speech and parliament
Dollfuss was the leader of who?
Schuschnigg was responsible for what?
assination of Dollfuss
What was the annexation of Austria called?
Anschluss was the annexation of Austria and who?
who was the Japanese emporer during World War II?
Tojo was removed from office beccause of successful invasion of what?
Mariana Islands
Who was hirohito?
the japanese general during WWII
What city was the first city that the Japanese invade?
Manchuria was what?
the first city that Japan invaded
Who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor?
The president of the Republic of China and organizer/co-founder of Kuomingtang
Sun Yat Sen
Sun Yat Sen was the co founder of what?
what was Kuomingtang?
the chinese nationalism political party; also called the Chinese Nationalist party
Who was the leader of Kuomingtang after Sun Yat Sen?
Chiang Kai Shek
who created the People's Republic of China after fleeting to Taiwan
Chiang Kai Shek
a Chinse Marxist military and political leader and philosopher
Mao ZeDung
who led the Communist Party of China against the Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War?
Mao ZeDung
What city in China was the scene of the Japanese Massacre?
Nan King
who was the first socialist and the first jew to serve as prime minister?
Leon blum
who was the leader of the left-wing alliance Popular front?
Leon blum
what was the alliance on the left-wing movements who engaged in various social reforms and helped create a better future for France by creating limiited work hours and vacation days?
Popular Front
what was the "ultimate defense" for France created with Italy and Germany
Maginot Line
what was the Maginot Line?
the line of concrete fortifications, tank obstacles, and machine gun posts from Swiss to the Belgium border; ultimate defense
who was the leader of the Right Wing but moved to the Left and became the leader of the Popular Front?
Who were the two prime ministers of France during WWII
Leon Blum and Daladier
who was the French naval officer who became the figure in Vichy France
Darlan disliked who?
Germans and English
petain was a leader of what group in france?
who formed an underground movement known as the Free French?
Di Gaulle
What underground movement was formed by Di Gaulle?
Free French
The Free French's objective was to do what?
sabotage the Nazis
who was the French General who was the leader of Head of State of Vichy?
Who was the British Conservative politican and Prime Minister of Britain?
who is chamberlain?
the british conservative politician and primeminister of britain
Who stated during WWII "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat"?
Who was the third general hired by Churchill?
which British General likes to fight when there's overwhelming odds?
Which general won the battle of El Alamein and which side was he from?
Montgomery, Britain
who started the spanish war? and with which group?
Franco with Phalanges
Franco participated in the Coup D'etat against who?
Popular Front government
Emilio Mola said that besides the 4 columns of troops, there's a 5th columns that consisted of what..?
theives, liars, traitors
there was an Aerial attack during the Spanish War on what city?
What was the reason for the bombing of Guernica?
guernica was used for German's test site for bombs
what treaty had a secret treaty behind it that enabled the Germans to train their army on Soviet's territory?
Rapallo (1922) was a treaty between..?
German and Soviet Union
what was the Locarno?
the pact said taht Germany would have a spot in the League of Nations, the French would agree to withdraw from the Ruhr, and the Treaty of Versailess wolud be reaffirmed.
Which treaty said the French would agree to withdraw from the Ruhr
what conference changed the ratio of the U.S., Great Britain, and Japan?
Washington/London Naval Conference
what were some of the agreements from the Naval Conferences?
no more ship construction
conrol on submarine warfare
limits on aircraft carriers
What pact outlawed wars and all nations had to sign it?
Kellogg - Briand
What treaty was signed by Germany, Great Britain, France, and Italy to avoid war?
Munich Conference
the Munich Conference did what?
treaty with Germ, Brit, Franc, and Ital. to avoid war and forced the Czechs to give back Sudentenland to the Germans
What forced the Czechs to give back Sudentenland to the Germans.
Munich Conference