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Who was the biggest supporter of appeasement?
Neville Chamberlain of GB
What is Blitzkrieg?
Lighting warfare, quick hits
Who was Winston Churchill?
He was elected PM of GB and was the sole voice of anti-appeasement.
What was appeasement?
Giving into Germany's demands and not doing anything.
What was the Non-Aggression Pact?
The non-aggression pact was made b/w Germany and the Soviet Union.
Promised not to attack each other if they took over Poland.
What was the Grand Alliance
The alliance b/w US, GB, and Russia
What was Kursk?
The E front battle.
Largest tank battle.
What was Dunkirk?
Battle where France help the perimeter for GB to escape.
What was the Maginot Line?
The line of Defense on the E border of France.
What was the Battle of GB?
Germany took out airfields and civilian attacks.