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When was Archduke Francis Ferdinand assasinated?
June 28, 1914
Where was Francis Ferdinand assasinated?
Sarajevo, Bosnia(new province in A-H empire)
Who assasinated Francis Ferdinand?
Gavrilo Princip
What is imperialism?
European powers scramble for territories and colonies mostly in africa and china
What is militarism?
Aggresively building up a nations armed forces in prep. for war. Military gains more authority
What is nationalism?
-great powers act in own interest
-ethnic diversity caused(civil violence)
What is mobilization?
The readying of troops for war
-Russia started to protect Serbia, Germany started when Russia started, France followed
What major powers made up the Central Powers?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy(triple alliance)
What major powers made up the Allies?
France, Russia, and Great Britain(triple entente)
What is stalemate?
a situation where neither side is able to gain an advantage
What is an autocrat?
A ruler with unlimited power
What is the Sussex pledge?
The pledge where the German gov. promised that u-boats would warn before attacking ships
What is a filibuster?
A tactic where senators take the floor and refuse to stop talking to prevent a vote on the measure
What happened during the Russian Revolution?
Czar Nicholas II was forced to give up power and Russia became a republic(persuaded US to involve themselves more)
What is the selective service act?
An act authorizing a draft for men in military