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ottoman empire
entered the war on the side of the central powers making a 3rd front
schlieffen plan
general alfred von schlieffen drew up a plan that called for a quick attack against france while Russia slowly mobilized; the plan was for the german army to knock frnace out of action before the russian army was ready to fight in the east
battle of marne
the 1st major clash on the western front it was still the most omportant single event
zimmermann note
the note that said germany would help get back mexicos lost land if mexico sided with germany
war guilt
blamed world war I on germany and made them pay reparations
western front
a battle between Germany and France
when and why did the U.S. enter the war
1st German U-boats sank 3 american ships then the british intercepted a telegram from Germany saying that germany would help mexico get back lost land if mexico sided with germany. british gave it to america who damanded war against germany
what military restrictions were placed on Germany
size of army was limited; couldnt make war materials; submarines and airplanes were banned; forbidden tp pl;ace any troops in the Rhineland
League of Nations; the 5 nations; the 2 left out
an organization that kept peace by encouraging its members to solve problems throgh negotiation;U.S., britain, france,Italy, and Japan ; Germany and Russia
triple alliance
rivals to the triple entente-Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
triple entente; entente
rivals to tne triple alliance/ great britain, france and Russia; entente-friendly understandings
to take over
germanys two front war
they had to fight france on their western border and Russia in the east
act of making an unprovoked attack
treaty of brest litovsk
Germany and russia signed this which ended the war between them