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Who is Medici?
Florence was ruled by him. He made money in trading and banking. Wealthiest at the time.
Who is Baldassare Castiglione?
Wrote The Courtier.
Who is Michelangelo?
Scuplture and painter, Glorified the human body
Who is Donantello?
made scuplture more realistic by carving natural postures
Who is Masaccio?
Painter, Perspective 3D
Who is Leonardo da Vinci?
painter, scuplture, inventor, and scientist. Painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
Who is Raphael?
painter esxpressions of gentle and calm. School of Athens
Who is Dante?
wrote in the vernacular,His native language, Italion
Who is Francesco Petrarch?
Influential humanists, great Poet. wrote in italion and latin
Who is Boccaccio?
Italian writer, Decameron
Who is Niccolo Machiavelli?
wrote The Prince
Who is Albrecht Durer?
German artist, woodcuts and engravings
Who is Hans Holbein?
German Artist, Painting portraits
Who is Jan van Eyck?
Flemish Painter, Oil based paints
Who is Pieter Bruegel?
" the Elder, flemish painter. Painted peasant life such as weddings dances harvests and the changing seasons
Who is Erasmus?
Christian Humanist, born in rotterdam, Wrote praise of folly
Who is Thomas More?
wrote the book Utopia, which means "no place"
Who is Johann Gutenberg?
Mainz Germany, invented Printing Press and printed a complete bible "gutenberg Bilble"
Who is John Wycliffe of england?
advocated the church reform
Who is Jan hus of Bohemia?
advocated church reform
Who is Girolamo Savonarola?
Italian Friar Called for Reform
Who is Martin Luther?
Monk, Public stand against actions of Johan Tetzel who sold indulgences
Who is Pope Leo X?
Threatened luther to be excommunicated if he did no take back his words, and he didnt so he was Xcommunicated
Who is Charles V?
Called for Luther for a trial
Who is Henry VIII?
Made church in england, Anglican Church
Who is John Calvin?
published book Intitisutes of the christian religion, Calvinism
Geneva Swiss
Who is John Knox?
Scottland preacher followers of him were presbyterians