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Name of German airforce which bombed Britian for 2 months
German word - means "living space" - Germany had to expand because they needed more living space
Leader of Nazi Germany - led his country to ruin in WWII
Adolf Hitler
An agreement between Soviet Union and Germany not to attack each other prior to WWII
Nazi Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
meant "lightining war" and was Germany's tactic for overrunning its enemies
Set of French fortifications (walls they built) to keep Germany from invading; it was not build far enough north - Germany went around
Maginot Line
Leader of French resistance during WWII
Charles DeGaulle
Agreement that allowed U.S. to loan Britian as much stuff as it needed for the war
Lend-Lease Policy
Nickname was "Desert Fox"- was a great military commander for Germany
Erwin Rommel
Soviet Policy of destroyiing everything the people could not carry so the enemy couldn't have it
Scorched Earth Policy