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Sui Dynasty: Years, #th Dynasty?
What did the sui dynasty do?
Built Grand Canal
Restored Great Wall
How did the sui dynasty fall?
The People were overtaxed and overworked and revolted
Tang Dynasty Years and number?
Accomplishments of the tang dynasty?
Golden Age
Borders Extended
China Was Beautified
Song Dynasty: Years and Number?
Song Dynasty, Inventions, Accomlishments?
-Movable Type
-Mechanical Clock
-Magnetic Compas
-2 Seasons Of Rice
-Foot Binding
Song Dynasty Population.
1 million
Ghenghes Kahn what did he do.
-Untrained Military Genius
-United Mongols For First Time In History
-Conquered All of China and Eastern Europe
-He found a way around the great wall
What were the Khanates?
Great Kahn-China&Mongola
Khante of Chagatia-Central Asia
Khante of the golder horde-Russia
Tell Me About the Grand Canal.
-Built By Sui
-Connects Huang He to Chan Chi
-Built by half a millon people
-1200 miles long
-built in five years
What was china's capital before the Mongols.
Who were the mongols.
Group of nomadic people from central asia who lived on the steppes and were fierce warriors.
Who Was Marco Polo
-Venetian Trader
-Traveled Throughout Asia
-Served 17 years in Kublia Kahns court
-Went back to italy
-Captured in prison
-Told stories to inmates
What is buddhism.
You know.
What is shintoism.
-Belief in spirits that exist nature forces and worship ancestors.
-first Japanese religion.
What is Confucianism?
-Way of life dealt with government
-Spread by trade
When did the shogun empire exist, what did they make.
400 CE, shogun
Who were the Fugiwara?
THe Family that held the real power in japan during the Heian period.
Why is hinshu significant.
Largest japanese island
Wht are the daimyo?
Heads of noble family in japan.
What are samurai.
Warrios employed by landowneds, operated under code of bushido.
What is japan?
-$000 Islands
-East of China
-Little Farmland
-Lots of Fishing
Who Was Kublai Kahn
-Genghis Khan's grandson
-Started the Yuan dynasty
-conquered korea
-Increased trade by making a safe passage in and out of his khante
-Encouraged foreign trade
Whatis a shogun?
-Supreme general of an emperors army
-Controlled a]japan's army
Empress Wu
-First official ruler of china
What is the Uji.
Hereditary ruling class in japn.
What is the 3rd largest japanese island.
What was the mongolian empire's capital.
Descride Vietnam-
Original Dai Viet
-Chinese influence in government makeuo and buddhism
-Women were indipendent
what was the capital of vietnam.
Describe the Khmer Empire
-In Cambodia
-Starded 800s
-Peaked 1200s
-Made waterways and irrigation systems
-improved rice cultivation
-built angor wat
Describe angor wat.
-Built by khmer empire
-Largest religious structure in the world
-dedicated to vishnu
Describe saliendra
-Onisland of Java
-Height 7th-13th century
Built buddhist temple of Borobudar
-Agricultural Kingdom
-Fell under domination of Srivijaya
Koryu describe
-Korean Dynasty in 10th century
-Wang Kon was the first ruler
-Mongols occupied 1231-1360's
-Culture Flourished
-Peotry & Art
Where was the strait of Malacca
Between Sumatra and Maylay Peninsula
WHere was the sundra strait
Between sumatra and java