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The Last Supper was by?
Leonardo Da Vinci
What is Humanism
The achievments, accomplishments and the way humans live life.
Who was the first to go through the industrial Rev.?
Who was Napoleans "Ulcer"?
Who were the Central Powers in WWI?
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, & Attoman Empire
Name 4 of the Allies in WWI
Possible responses: Belgiu,, Brazil, Canada, * France, * Great Britian, Greece, * Russia, Panama, Italy
"The war to ___ all wars!"
This country, it was said, was "not a state that possesses an army but an army which possesses a state"
What countrys monarch was Louis XIV?
The theory or idea of devine right supports what type of government or political system?
Enlightenment thinkes belived that all society could be improved using the standard...
What year did Napoleon lose at Waterloo?
What was Laissez Faire?
allowing business to operate with little or no government interference
The storming at the Bastille was in what year?
The French Revolution began in what year?
What country was the first to start exploring at where?
Portugal and they explored North Africa
The refomation began in?
What was the Heliocentric?
A thoery that the sun centered the universe.
What is Urbanization?
the movement of people to cities.
Why did Urbanization connect to the Industrial Rev.?
chaging in farming, soaring population growth and the ever-increasing demand for wokers led masses of people to migrate from farms to cities.
What were one of the 5 key ideas?
Reason, Nature, Happiness, Progress, Liberty
If your Radical you want...
change now, and will use violence if necessary.
If your Liberal you want..
change but will use no violence
If your conservative you want...
to keep everything the same "keep the status quo"
If your reactionary you want...
to not change and will use violence if neccessary.
What is a coup and who staged one?
Its a change in goverment by force using the milatary/ army. Napolean used one.
What ended the Reign of Terror?
The execution of Robespierre
Locke had more ____ views on human nature.
Hobbes belived that..
Only a powerful goverment could ensure an orderly society.
Hobbes was more ____ on his views of human nature.