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the joining of sperate parts into one
The palace in which the rulers lived
The way a country's people manage its money and resources for the production of goods and services.
A system of writing sometime before unification made up of about 800 picture-signs.
A professional writer who kept records and copied letters and offical documents.
a reed plant that grows along the Nile River.
How Long Is The Nile River?
Over 4,000 miles long.
In which countries does the Nile run through?
East Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt.
Where does the Nile flow from?
East Africa
A mixture of tiny bits of soil and rock
a very fertile flat land made of silt left behind as a river drains into a larger body of water.
The watering of land by means of canals or pipes.
Describe the Irrigation Methods used by the Ancient Egyptians.
Used Dirt Walls to keep flood waters in, Used canals, took water from the Nile to the land.
How did the Nile's yearly floods help the Ancient Egyptian Farmers?
It helped their crops get watered without the farmers having to do much except for plant and harvest the crops.
Name 3 ways the people of Ancient Egypt used the Nile River.
Transportation, Water Purposes, and Irrigation
As an ancient farmer decide whether Upper Egypt or Lower Egypt is a better place for farming.
Lower Egypt because you would have more water for your crops because of the Nile's delta.
Describe the Physical Regions the Nile flows through.
Fertile Land
What was the Pharoah's Role in Government, Economy, and Religon.
Government- Area Governers reported to the Pharoah.

Economy- The Pharoah collected taxes on everything produced in Egypt. Craftworkers and artists depended on the Pharoah for jobs.

Religon- The Pharoah was supposedly the son of Ra, the sun god. Massive pyramids were built as tombs for the pharoah in afterlife.
Egypts economy was based on What?
How would you describe the role the Pharoah played in Egypt?
He was the head of the religion, government, and economy.
Which King 1st built a Pyramid?
Old Kingdom, Khufu
What was Upper Egypts' captiol?
Thebes, it was in the OLD kingdom!