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Where is Jainism from?
How many members?
four million
What professions to Jains usually have?
Traders, businessmen, strict pacifists
What is the name of the founder?
Vardhamana Mahavira
What are the names of the two schools of Jainism?
Digambaras (conservative), Svetambaras (less conservative)
What are three main details of Mahavira's life?
1. mother had visions he would be saintly
2. Reincarnated as a vegetarian lion
3. became "conqueror" at age 40(no need for physical needs)
What century did Mahavira live and die?
599-468 BC
What is the idea of Karma for Jains?
They have a soul (monad) and it floats up and down the scale dependent on karma-matter the sould bears.
What are the two pillars of Jainism?
Self-denial and absolute preservation of life
What are the five Monastic Vows?
1. Never to take life or hurt others(ahisma)
2. Never to be untruthful
3. Never to take what is not given
4. Never to be unchaste (celibate)
5. Never to be attached to anything
What do nuns or monks want to become?
Siddhas, those who have found the moksha
What are the 12 vows of the Lay Jain?
1. Never knowingly take life
2. Never to lie
3. Never to take what is not given
4. Never to be unchaste (unless married)
5. Limit ones possesions
6. Not to travel far from home
7. Limit personal possesions
8. Guard against unecessary evils
9. Meditate daily
10. Periods of self-denial
11. Occasional periods as an ascetic
12. To assist ascetics
What does Ahism literally mean?
"noninjury" - connotes respect or reverence for life
What is the Jain concept of God?
Monism - God is in all minds, spirits, and nature
What animal do Jains expecially revere?
Surabhi, the cow
What are thier views on scripture?
Agamas - very broad, no canon, only studied by those on the path
Who are the Digambaras?
"sky-clads," walk around nude
Who are the Svetambaras?
"white-clads," wear white robes and allow women full participation
What are the Jains views of women?
Digambaras - negative view
Svetambara - women can achieve spiritual liberation
What is Hisma?
Violence or injury to life
What is Jina?
A conqueror or one who has attained elightenment or infinite insight
What is Jiva?
The spirit in all living things
What is Sadhu?
A Jain monk
What is tirthankara?
a "ford-finder" 24 of them