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why does marco polo travel?
1. his father and uncle travelled and he went with them
2. he went on business trips and missions for the grand khan
3. to learn about different, new cultures so he could tell his master about them
4. curiosity
4 reasons
What is the celestial city?
It is the Khan's capitol city.
1. China
2. Christianity
3. Kinsai
4. India
1. the holy mares, magic, sheep offerings
2. the grand khan preferred this religion
3. the celestial city
4. island of males & island of females, great bird
why does ibn battuta travel?
1. to perform the hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca (for religious purposes)
2. curiosity
2 reasons
1. China
2. India
3. Judgeship in Delhi
4. Embassy to China
5. Hindu Magicians
6. Travels in S. India: A Magical Tree
7. The Maldive Islands
8. Travels in China
9. Return to Morocco
1. the seikh & dream interpretation
2. women burn themselves when husbands die, drown in Ganges
3. the Sultan appoints him Judge of Delhi, he gets in trouble & seclusion
4. Hindus attack, he runs. saved by black man brother
5. turned into cube & sandal
6. with the magical leaf
7. scared monster and they all became Muslim believers
8. ladder and disobeying disciple punished
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Ibn Battuta
Lessons for Women
Ban Zhao
Precepts for Social Life
Yuan Cai
The Story of Ying-Ying
Yuan Zhen
Atsumori, A Tale of Heike Play
Pining Wind
Delicious Poison
The Wife of Bath's Prologue
Geoffrey Chaucer
The Wife Bath's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer