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The Roman Way
translated as a mistake, flaw, failure, fault, or sin. The "tragic hero" attempts to do the "right thing" in a situation where the right thing cannot be done.
the Greek ideal of excellence and virtue.
pouches of hell
he process by which souls are punished
In media res
"into the middle of things"
the Greek word meaning 'homecoming'. It is a theme dealt with in many Homeric writings such as The Odyssey, in which the main character, Odysseus strives to get home after the Trojan War.
terza rima
three-line stanza using chain rhyme in the pattern a-b-a, b-c-b, c-d-c, d-e-d
household, house, family
sons responsibily to carrying out the "glory" of the father
hospitality, not having to know whom one is until fed, and then relvealing identity.
Year La Divina Commedia set
Emporer who commissiond The Aeniad to be written
Name of Dante's town
Florence, Italy
What city and century did Homer write
8th or 7th century
Main epithet in the Odyssey
In addition to identifying characters in ways that may or may not be very significant, epithets allow the poet to fill out a line and match the meter at his discretion.
Cervantes year born and died
Alcalá de Henares, September 29, 1547 – Madrid, April 23, 1616
Where Don Quixote was written
1605 - 1st part - occurred to him in prison at Argamasilla de Alba, in La Mancha
1615 - 2nd part - Cervantes produced his own continuation, or "Second Part", of Don Quixote
Faux writing of the second rendition
Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda.
Don Quixote
Don Quixote certainly reveals much narrative power, considerable humor, a mastery of dialogue, and a forcible style
Grisostomo & Marcela
Ch. 12-14 & 15. Gris. in love with Marcela dresses like a shepard to follow her and she does not recognize him back. He dies from grief of this. Marcela come to his funeral and compares himself to a viper, and that it isnt her fault that he dies because he fell, and died for her beauty.
Cardenio and Luscinda
Ch. 27 & 34. Both innocent and fall in love with one another. She gets permission to marry him, but he doesnt bc he has to help ferdinand. Luscinda gets taken away, but in the end they do get back together and are married.
Don Fernando and Dorotea
Ch. 24 & 28 - Don sneaks into Doroteas room and they have sexual relations he promises that he will marry her. Don marries Luscinda and Dortea dresses like a shepardess to follow him and to make it knows that they were supposed to get get married. In the end, they get together, but are not married
Perez de Viedma and Lela Zoradia (Maria)
Ch 40 & 41 - Wealthy women lives next to a prison and puts her bamboo stick out the windom with money, and a letter on it. They then fall in love, and made a plan to run away together, end up talking with the father, and kidnap him, drop him off somewhere else. She changes to christian, baptized and changed name to Maria