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V. to improve something or make it better.
i am trying to ameliorate my education
N. confidence, skill, poise, especially in difficult or challenging circumstancs
she sood in aplomb in the middle of the stage
Adj. language that is full of long or pretentious words, used to impress others
she is being bombastic in fron of her friends
N. silly and irrelevant or inaccurate tlak
he is always dreiveling in serious meetings
N. a highly representative examples of a type, class, or characteristic
isn't she just the epitome of elegance?
V. to urge somebody strongly and earnestly to do something
exhort your best abilities to acheive success
N. somebody who enters a place or joins a group or gathering without any right ot do so
that lady back there is an interloper
Adj. belonging to something as one of the basic and essential elements that make it what it is
the fram is intinsically beautiful
V. to speak angrily in criticism of or protest at something
he inveighed the remarks of the president
N. a state of weariness accompanied by listlessness or apathy
the patient complained of lassitude
V. to enter something and spread throughout it, so that every part or aspect of it is affected
our thinking is permeated by our historical myths.
Adj. strictly controlled or enforced
this society has been stringent about human rights
V. to conclude that something is the case on the basis of only limited evidence or intuitive feeling
the surmise of this lesson id pretty short.
abnominate dislike and disapprove of somebody or something intensely
your language is absolutely abominate
N. a change in the cultural behavior and thinking of an individual or group through contact with another culture
Saudi Arabia is expeirencing acculturation
V. to believe or say that something was caused by something else that is named
ascribed the defeat to a series of miscalculations
Adj. lengthly because very indirect
the teacher uses cricutious to get to the point
V. to express sympathy or sorrow
I tried to commiserate with the family of the dead son
V. to ensure that something takes place or is dealt with more quickly than usually
this country expedites their problems than any other country
Adj. Done unintentionally or without thinking
I am inadverttent when i am sleeping
Adj. acting or being something in name only but not in reality
MaHe was a nominal reader, many people are nominal in movies
V. to appropiate money or property by embezzlement or theft
some people peculate when they are stressed out
N. self-possession or calmness, especially in a dangerous or sressful situation
my mom is always sangfroid in her problems
Adj. involving or encouraging rebellion, against a government or other authourity
Being seditious may harm you alot
Adj. not based on anything significant or substantial and so liable to break down easily when challenged
thats an extremely tenuous argument
Adj. filled with or expressing violent and bitter hatred twoard sombody or something
many people right now are being vitriolic after 9/11
V. to coax or to try to persuad somebody to do something using flattery, guile, or other indirect means
i had to wheedle her in to letting me get the shot