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What is the conflict of Giglamesh?
Will Giglamesh gain eternal life?
Pos/Neg reciprocity true or false?
What is the basic adenture storyline of Gig?
Mountain passes(Mashu)
Scorpion people
Shamash (sun god)in garden
Siduri(goddess of wine)
Smashes boat+rebuilds boat
finds Utnapishtum
bread test
new clothes
youth plaant
snake stealing and shedding
Giglamesh goes home and writes on wall.
What is the basic storyline of Uptnapistam's story?
1 people are loud
2 Enil exterminated humankind with flood
3 Ea warned Upt.
4 built boat
5 flood
6 dove, swallow, raven
7 sacrifice
8 decide to make U immortal
Who is the founding father/paritarch of Hebrew?
Why did Moses lead the isrealites out of Egypt?
They were enslaved.
What is another name for the 10 commandments?
Mosaic Law
What is the book JUDGES about?
The trouble between the 12 israelic tribes and struggle to fit back into Canaan.
Who unifyed the 12 tribes?
What did Solomon build?
The temple of Jerusalem.(wailing wall)
What tribes broke off to form Judea(south) and Isreal(north)?
J=Benjamin and Judah
I=other 10
What was the Babylonian Exile?
When nebachunezzar destroyed temple fo Jerusalem and brought Jews for slaves in Babylon.
Who freed the Hebrew slaves in 539bc?
Cyrus the Great
What does Dispora mean?
What is the Hebrew god named?
What is a covenant?
a special agreement
Where did the Hebrew Bible first exist?
in oral tradiotn
What was it written in?
Hebrew and Aramic
What greek word does bible come from?
How many books are in the Hebrew Bible?
What do the Jewish people call the bible?
What are the 3 parts of the Taknakh?
Torah (Law)
Nevi'im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (writings).
Who wrote the Torah?
Whats a tenet?
a belief
What was the Torah held in?
5 scroll jars
What is a narritive?
a kind of writing that tells a story or relates an event.
What is a pslam?
sacred sond or hymn