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What are the nine types of Sumerian and Babylonian literature?
Hymns, laments, dirges, proverbs, essays, rules of conduct, fables, myths, and epic tales.
What is the most famous surviving work of Mespotamia(and probablt the world's oldest epic?)
What is another name for the Hebrew Bible?
The Old Testament
What types of literary forms are found in the Hebrew Bible?
pslams(sacred hymns), historical narritives, proverbs.
What does the word Mesopotamia mean?
"the land between the rivers"
What did the Mesopotamians use to make houses?
River MUD
What were the Mesopotamians known for?
They were sucessful merchants and traders, known for thier stonwork, metalwork, and sculpture.
What were city-states?
A large town or city and the surrounding land.(Ur, Uruk, Lagash).
What were ziggurats?
Temples w/6 or 7 stories, ruled by a priest-king
What was the Sumerian social class?
Top: nobles(priests/gov't officials)

Middle: merchants, artisans, professionals(doctors)

Lower: peasants(farmers) and slaves
What did the Sumerians develop in technology?
1. mathmatical system based on a unit of sixty.
2. a calendar
What does "Babylon" mean?
gate of the gods
What is the main feature of Babylonian writing?
What did the Babylonians do to the Sumerian Culture?
adopted it!
Who is Hammarabi and what is he famous for?
6th Babylonian ruler; established harsh Hammurabi Code, 282 laws.
What did the Hittites do?
Established a less harsh law code and left Babylon vurenerable to other invaders, like the Assyrians.
What was Ninevah?
The capital city of the Assyrians, on tigris river.
Why did Nebuchanezzar build the Hanging Gardens?
for his wife Amytis b/c she was homesick.
What was the Tower of BAbel?
huge zigarrat
What are the compotnets of the Epic of Gilglamesh?
1. long narritive
2. elevated language
3. superhuman heroth
4. vast territories
5. outcome affects world+more
What are the purposes for the myth?
creation of world, human condition, explain natural phenomona, nature of gods, meanings behind rituals, and moral lessons (not historical events)
when was giglamesh discovered?
What is an epic?
a long narritive that recounts the deeds of a larger-than-life hero who embodies the values of a particular society.
Who is Giglamesh?
A two-part god, one-part human, King of Uruk. Good leader but suffers from EXCESSIVE pride.
What does Giglamesh tell us about the views of the MEsopotamians?
They were pessimistic and did not beleive in an afterlife.
Who is Enkidu?
Made of clay, the gods sent Enkidu as a wrestling match for Gilglamesh, instead he becomes his friend.
What bad things to G+Enkidu do?
1. Destroyed Humbaba, the demon who guards the cedar forest.
2. level forest
3. reject Istar
4. kill Bull of Heaven
What does Enkidu see in the dream?
Enkidu is transformed into a bird by a man-bird and led to the Queen of Darkness's palace. There the gods were served by mortals, kings and slaves alike.
How long until Enkidu dies?
12 days
What is Giglamesh afraid of?