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Who is Theseus? What play is he from?
He is from Mid summer's nights dream. He is the duke of athens who is marrying hippolyta. he says hermia must obey her father or be forced to live her life in a convent or die. he askes Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius to marry when he and hippolyta do.
Hermia? What play?
in love with lysander. she and lysander plan to run away so they can be together. Lysander is mistaken for demetrius and is put under a love potion which renders him in love with Helena. by the end of the play he is back in love with Hermia.
King of the fairies. figting with Titania over an Indian boy who he wants to make his page. He has Puck put love juice into Titanias eyes and she falls in love with Bottom who is transformed into a donkey. After she give the boy to oberon he give her the antidote to the love juice, and all goes back to normal
oberon's wife. queen of the fairies. refuses to give oberon the Indian boy she is raising. Oberon has puck put the love juice into her eyes. She falls in love with Bottom as the donkey.
Puck/ Robin Goodfellow
Oberon's jester. responsible for anointing Lysander with the love juice. has the final words of the play, where he sayss that everything has been a dream
Nick Bottom
Weaver. play pyramus in the play. he wants to be all the characters in the play. he is transformed into a donkey. Titania falls in love with him. he wants to have Quince write a ballad called "Bottom's Dream"
sorceress and princess. used her powers to help jason get the golden fleece. jason divorces her so he can better his position in society. she avenges jason's betrayal by killing his wife and his father in law and then killing their two children.
abandons Medea to marry the daughter of Creon. Hopes to advance his station by marrying her. he has tactless self-interest and makes many rationalizations that can come across as whiny
Women of Corinth. they sympathize with Medea until she kills her own children
king of corinth. banishes medea from city. his suicidal embrace of his dying daughter provides one of the play's most dramatic moments
Madame Ranevsky
owner of the cherry orchard. exemplifies love with her generosity, kindness and beauty. her feelings of love often cloud her judgment, and is unable to control her spending
a business man. son of peasants on Ranevsky's estate. younger than Ranevsky by a few years. he often talks about the brutality of life as a peasant child and of Ranevsky saving him
Ranevsky's brother. he often talks of tricky billiard shots at odd times, and often he launches into sentimental speeches that Anya often silences him on. often says "I am silent"
was a tutor of Grisha Madame Ranevsky's dead son. "eternal student." complains about Barbara following him and Anya around all the time, but claims that they are "above love"
87 years old manservant. always talks aobut how things were in the past. possibly senile and constantly mumbling. symbolizes the past.