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wealthy nobels who fought for king charles I in the english civil war-wore wigs and hats w/ feathers
gentry or landowners who fought for parliament and were led by oliver cromwell. they had short hair and wore plain, black hats
when charles I was executed the british monarchy was abaolished-this was the republic formed by oliver cromwell
limited monarchy
when william of ogrange and mary came to england, they signed the english bill of rights which made parlaiment more powerful amd limited the power of the english monarchy
english bill of rights
signed by william of orange which limits the power of the monarchy and makes parliament more powerful
habeas corpus
no person can be put into prison without being =cahrged with a crime.
oliver cromwell
leader if the "roundheads" who was a puritan(type of protestant)-leads the new model army to victory in the english civil war
charles I
king of england during the english civil war-1st monarch to be executed by his own people
charles II
son of charles I-asked to return to england to be king- this is called the "restoration" of the english monarchy
william and mary
rulers of the netherlands who were invited by parliament to rule england after james II was asked to step down
what is the role of a modern-day parliament?
it is most similar to what branch of government in the US?
superior(greater) power of parliament over the monarchy-
parliament is similar to congress in the US-makes laws
what was the primary role of parliament during the age of absolution in england?
parliament was primarily an advisor to the king/queen with very little real power
what power did the absolute monarch have if parliament did not cooperate?
the king/queen could dissolve parliament
how did the fate of charles I set a precedent?
1st monarch to be executed by his own peolpe
how did charles II seek revenge when the restoration took place restoring him to the throne?
he executed anyone who had signed his father's death warrant-but since oliver cromwell was already dead, he had his body dug up and hung as though ut were being executed
under what kind of government did william and mary operate?
a limited monarchy
how did parliament make sure their power was limited?
b/c they signed the english bill of rights
what were the 3 rights to citizens by the english bill of rights?
-trial by jury
-no excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishment
-haneas corpus(cannot be arrested unless chraged with a crime)
how does HORBEAS CORPUS protect the rights of citizens?
since no person can be put into prison without frst being charged with a crime, a citizen cannot be arrested without first being charged.
strict interpretation of doctrine
bring ideas, technology, and culture of western europe to russia
beard tax
pay tax or shave off beard-most paid the tax
dividing of poland b/w russia, prussia, and austria
ppeople who conquered russia many years ago. Peter the great wanted to change anything mangols influenced such as the wearing of long beards
peter the great
(a romanov) russian czar who wanted to westernize russia-very tall, very cruel
st. petersburg
built on land captured from sweden; "window to the west"; warm-water sea port
arctic ocean
because it stayed frozen much of the year, it divided russia from europe
location in northern russia where the temperature could fall to-59 degrees-where people were sent for punishment-many died on the journey there
catherine the great
absolute monarch(romanov) of russia who defeats the ottoman empire and finally gains a warm-water sea port on the black sea-she also divided poland 3 ways
what factors conributed to russia being so isolated before peter the great?
divided from europe by the ural mountains and the arctic ocean
what did peter feel was essential to increase trade he eventually obtained by attaking sweden?
a warm water seaport that did not freeze
how will peter be remembered in comparison to other monarchs?
more cruel
how was the new capital st.petersburg a "window to the west"?
it is a warm-water sea port that allowed russia to trade/travel most of the year with europe
what 3 steps did peter take to gain absolute control over russia?
1) control the nobels
2)take over control of the russian orthodox church
catherine the great extends russia into poland. she agrees to partition it into 3 parts to avoid fighting with what 2 other empires that also staked claims to poland?