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The association of southeast asian nations
Mao's program to boost China's industrial output
Great Leap Forward
The collected sayings of chairman mao
Little Red Book
The idea that if one nation becomes communist many will
Domino Effect
Guerilla group which took over Cambodia in the 1970's
Khmer Rouge
Mao's program to reinvigorate young Chineese communists
Cultural Revolution
The total value of all goods and services produced by a nation
Gross Domestic Product
Democratically elected Japanese parliment
When a nation brings in more goods than it sends out
Trade Deficit
Dengs plan to advance China in major trade fields
Four Modernizations
Burmese leader, imprisoned for 10 years by military
Aung San Suu Kyi
Chinese leader after Mao who Modernized China
Deng Xiaoping
North Korea's "Great Leader"
Kim II Sung
Chinese communist leader established the PRC
Mao Zedong
American who oversaw post- WWII ocupation of Japan
Gen D. MacArthur
Vietnamese leader who led his nation to independance
Ho Chi Minh
Norht Korea's " Dear Leader", the son of " Great leader"
Kim Jong II
South Korean leader during the Korean conflict
Syngman Rhee
Chinese Nationalist leader, defeated by the communists
Jiang Jieshi
Cambodian general who led Khmer Rogue
Pol Pot
Capital of People's Republic of China
Island off Chinese coast where Chinese Nationalists fled
Site of a 1989 pro-democracy rally and massacre
Tiananmen Square
Capital of South Korea and 1988 Summer Olympics host
Island off Chinese coast coast returned to PRC from UK in 1997
Hong Kong
Area of Indonesia which became independent in 2002
East Timor
Country which overthrew ferdinand Marcos in 1986
The Phillipeans
Capital of Japan
Japanese city rocked by a massive 1995 eathquake
3,200 mile long island nation
As a part of their constitution written in 1946, the japanese people forever renounced this as a sovereign right
The communists were able to defeat the Nationalists in China, in part, because they were able to get these two groups to side with them
Peaseants and Women
Which of the following was not among Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
This was the dividing line for the Korean Peninsula from 1946-1953
38th Parallel
Which of the following epitomized Mao's backyard industries during the great leap forward
Which of the following did Ho Chi Minh not help defeat in Vietnam between 1940 and 1975
Great Britian
Which of the following East Asian nations has a largely Muslim population
This is the name for the economies of Taiwand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore
The Asian Tigers
This was the dividing line for the nation of Vietnam from 1954-1975
17th parallel
Examples of these extermination facilities include Dachau and Aushcutiz
Concentration Camps
Which of the following was not a party to the 1940 Tripartite Pact
This 1941 Law allowed the British and Soviet to use war materials now and pay later
Lend-Lease Act
Which of the following nations was not a memeber of the United States or Allies
One of the primary goals of Irish nationalists during the latter half of the 19th century was this concept of local self-government
Home Rule
Emmeline Pankhurst was one of Britain;s major advocates for granting this right to women