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Name 2 empires of the Eastern hemisphere...
Mughal India and Ottoman Empire
Name 3 nations of western Europe...
France, Britain, and Spain
What Empire was located in Africa in the 1500's?
Songhai Empire
What Empire was located in India in the 1500's?
Mughal Indian Empire
Name the 3 Empires of the western hemisphere...
Incan, Mayan, and Aztec
What does Renaissance mean?
What marks the beginning of the modern world?
What knowledge was "reborn" during the Renaissance
Classical knowledge
The Renaissance spread from Italy to where?
Northern Europe
Who were the main painters of the Renaissance
Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci
What is the philosophy which emphasized classical knowledge and a worldly life?
Who wrote Sonnets and plays during the Renaissance?
What poetry form was used during the Renaissance?
What Dutch humanist helped to spread the ideas of humanism?
Where did the Renaissance begin?
Italian city-states
What are the 5 major world Religions?
Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism
In what hemisphere did they begin?
Eastern Hemisphere
Where was Judaism concentrated in the 1500's?
Europe and the Middle East
Where was Christianity concentrated in the 1500's?
Europe and the Middle East
Where was Islam concentrated in the 1500's?
Parts of Asia, Africa, and Southern Europe
Where was Hinduism concentrated in the 1500's?
India and part of Southern Asia
Where was Buddhism concentrated in the 1500's?
East and Southeast Asia
By 1500, trade linked what continents?
Europe with Asia and Africa
What was the trade routh between Asia and the Mediterranean Basin?
Silk Road
What was the trade route across North Africa?
What kind of trade routes crossed the Indian Ocean?
Martime routes
What area was linked by trades to the Black Sea?
Northern Europe
Why were these trade routes important?
Because of the exchange of products and ideas
Name 4 products from China?
Paper, compass, silk, and porcelain
Name 2 advancements from India and the Middle East...
Textiles and the numeral system