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Define archaeology
the study of early humans through objects they left behind.
Define anthropology
study of human life and culture (through physical characteristics and how they organize themselves.)
Define fossil
animal remians (bones)
Define artifact
object left behind by earlier man (pots, weapons, etc.)
Which came first Paleolithic Mand or Neolitihic?
When did paleolithic man live? in what age and years?
Old Stone age from 2,500,000 bc to 10,000 b.c.
When did neoltithic man live? what age and years?
New Stone Age from 10,000 to 4000 bc
What are some characteristics of Paleolithic man? (6)
1) They were hunters and gatheres
2)Had role specific jobs: men hunted women gathered
3)Used stone tools
4)Were nomadic
5) used caves to live in
6)harnessed fire and used for food, warmth, and protection.
Whare are some characteristics of Neolithic man? (9)
-Had agriculture (grew own food)
-Not nomadic
-Domesticated animals for food and trade
-Men worked, women stayed home
-Communities came about/permant living places like villages
-Art created to honor gods
-believed in polytheism
Define Culture
the way of life for a group of people
define civilization
complex system of people that folow the same culture
what was writing used for primaly in prehistoric times?
to keep records.
Define polytheism
belief in more than 1 god
define monotheisim
Belief in only one god
Where are the summerians located?
souther mesopotamia, bewtween the tigris and euphrates river
What was Summerian government like?
They belived in divine authority, and were a theocracy.
Define theocracy
where leader has political and religous power
what were some of the accomplishments of the summerians
-invented arc and dome
-invented oldest writing form (cuneiform)
-invented wagon wheel, potters wheel and sundial
-first to make bronze
-devised a nuber system
-charted constellaions
-created number system by 60 TIME!!!
what is a city-state?
a divison, like a city that is goverened by themselfs and govern surronding territory
define empire
large political unit under 1 ruler, controlling many territores
What was the code of Hammurabi?
He was a ruler that set first set of laws that basically said if you commit a crime, you die
define patricarchal
society dominated by men
where were the egyptians located?
in north east corner of africa and along the nile
what was the government of egyptians like?
It was a monarcy, ruled by Pharaohs. they also had a beurocracy with a vizier in charge of it.
what were some of the accomplishments by the egyptians?
-created hieroglyphics
-built pyamids and temples
-mummificaition contributed to medicine!
-used geometry, area, and volume
-developed a 365 day calendar
-created farming tools
What is a ziggurat?
temple used by sumerians
define dynasty and what civilization used them?
a family of nobles passes son to son.

was egypt a theocracy?
what 2 major contributions did the Phoenicans give?
-a 22 character alphabet
-they traded and mixed cultures
Where were the Israelites located?
the east coast of the mediterranian
What was the government of isralites like?
they were a monarcy and did not believe in theocracy. they were monotheistic.
accomplisments of isralites?
-the 10 commandmetns(ethical no punisment)
-hammarabis code
define covenant
an agreement with god (like a deal)
what did king soloman rule on?
where are the assyrains located?
upper tigris river, mesopatamia, iranian plateou
government of assyrians.
monarcy, king had ABSOLUTE power, they had a huge army that they relyed on.
acomplisments of assyrians
-developed communication system
-developed iron weapons
-established on of first countries
location of persians
from asia minor to western india
government of persians
monoarcy, devided into satrapies -ruled by satrap.
-rulers depened on millitary alot but treated prisoners with respect.
accomplishments of persians
-religion Zoroastrinism which disscused good vs. evil
-Had system of roads, Royal road that was 1500 miles long.
Which civilizations were theocracys?
Summerians, Egyptians, Assyrains, Persaisn