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Did the French Rev. lead to progress?
No because...
-took down King Louis
-Napoleon stepped in
-He made things worse
-Just as much/or more chaos then before
King Louis and Napoleon influence this question
How did Japan avoid getting "carved up" just like China and Africa?
Triple A
Importance of Haitian Independance?
-First slave colony to break free from another country's rule (which was France)
What are 3 good things that came out of the Industrial Revolution?
1. Factory Act
2. More Jobs
3. Safer Working Conditions
workers rights?
Was Napoleon a Friend or an Enemy to France?
-Pointless Wars
-Took away Freedom of Speech
Just like King Louis (maybe even worse)
What is the Social Contract?
An agreement between people to form a government
Describe these 2 things and the relation with eachother
-Opium War
-Unequal Treaties
Britain vs. China
China didn't want opium to be shipped into it's country. Britain wanted to because it was illegal in Britain. Britain was using China for drugs
Britain using China
Give 1 example of conflictor cooperationduring the Industrial Revolution
Factory Owners vs. Factory Workers
-the factory workers argued bad working conditions
-the factory owners just wanted the money (didn't care if factory was safe as long as he got his money)
Factory Owners vs. Factory Workers
What is the ssymbolism of Blood and Iron?
BLOOD- people who died in the wars
Come together and become strong as a country
Who is Bismark?
-He is from Prussia
-He unified Germany
-His troops beat France
Brought people together
What was the importance of the Tennis Court Oath?
-The third estate (the common people) were locked out of a meeting
-These people went to a tennis court and wrote their own constitution to make the third estate just as equal
-created a new form of government (democracy)
Common people who hated the 1 and 2 estate
John Locke beleived in these three things--
1. Life
2. Liberty
3. Property