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Define: Monsoons
Seasonal Wind
Define: Platue
Raise are of level land
Name the first capital(s) in India
Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
there are two :)
Why did reasearchers conclude that there was well organized government present in the beginning of India's existant.
Streets and blocks. Complex building in houses. All of this would obviously take a well organized government.
Look at the infastructure we have today.
Define: Veneration
Special regard for Cow
Why was the quality of life declining in India in 1900 BC?
There was damage to the environment such as floods, too many trees cut down, and earthquakes. Invaders befan to over rule the cities.
What civilization developed during the Vedic Age?
Aryan civilization
Air Ryan
Define: Vedas
A collection of hymns, chants, and religious teachings.
Memorized by Preist
Define: Rajahs
elected chief and war leader who rule with advice of a council.
Who was the chief god, Indra
The God of War
Describe the Aryan structure of society.
1. priest
2. warriors
3. farmers, artisans, merch.
4. farm workers/ servants