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What is absolutism
govnt. where ruler has total power.
Cause of French wars on relition
nobles weakened the monarchy.
french kings killed protestants
catolics converted people.
Who are hugenots
french protestants
effects of french war on relgion
hugenots allowed to worship
what was the edict of nantes and what war is it related to.
said catholic is main religion in france but hugenots allowed to worshp.
how did philip have power
insited on catolic
sterenthend prvindces
converted netherlands
spent money on spaing
how did elizabeth not have power
moderate in foriegn policy and ruling
helped weaker nation
whats is armad
feet of ships
what is balance of power
no one country gets to much power
what is commonwealth
republic/ in this case military dictatarosip.
what was restoration
charles II makes a limited consititulionl monarcy.
what is glroious revolution.
england invites dutch (wiliam of orange) to "invade". no blood shed
Bill of rights?
told how parliament should rule and killed divine right theory.
who was riceliew
he strengtehd power of monarchy and stripped hugenots of political and jmilitary rights. set up spies to unearth nobles plnas.
what did louis XIV do
orders no one signs anything w/o permission.
establised strick toutine.
built versigh
rid royal cournt of nolbles
who was peter the great
abosolute noarch w/ diivne right
built army of 200,00 men
formed first russian navy
divideed russia into provinces
brought eropeann culture
what is a czar?
russian ruler
what was palace of versailles?
meeting place
what is mannerism
broke down rennaissance pricieples of blance harmony and moderation. proportions ingored ELONGATED FIGURES
what is barouque
religous expresiion. search for power dramatic big awe inspring
hobbes man?
men is solitary poor and short. peopele guided by self preservatino
hobbes govnt?
absolute ruler w/ unlimited power
locke man?
equal freedom nautral rights (life liberty property)
locke govnt.
govnt fair to people and vice versa people cna create new govnt. if wronged.