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"reorginization" an era named after reformers that attacked ottoman law trying to make it more like europeans (like elightenment).
Taiping Rebellion
Followers of Hong ("the heavenly king") men and women who nearly brought down Qing dynasty
Young Ottoman's and Turks
Most disagreable and active organization. A bunch of exiled ottoman subjects. Equality and suffrage.
Young Turk/Ottoman's use as puppet sultan. Reigned but didn't rule.
al-Hamid II
Accepted a consitution weakening his authority. Got sick of it though and got rid of it. Dethroned by Young Turks in 1909.
Crimean War
reveal the weakness of Russian Empire. Russia couldn't mobilize or equip army like Europe.
Elected officials to deal with issues of Russia's people. Still not as powerful as tsarist aristocracy.
the dynasty that fell in japan causing change and reform
Muhammad Ali
built a powerful army modeled on European forcesand ruled Egypt from 1805 to 1848.
symbolized foreign influence (the right to exercise juridiction...)
Mahmud II
Launched own reform program. Taxed lanlords and give power to sultan. No military land grants. Consolidate empire.
Intellectuals that opposed Russian Government and protested. Want social change.
Land and Freedom Party
Promote assassination of officials to pressure Russia into political reform.
Russo-Japanese war
start at Port Arthur in 1904 end with the destruction of Russian navy.
Revolution of 1905
workers marched on the Tsars winter palace to petition Nicholas for assembly. Gov meets and kills 130.
Russia's first parlimentary institute. Lacked power to create/bring down government.
Treaty of Nanjing
Released Korea, Vietnam and Burma(Myanmar) form Chinese authority. Thus destroying tributary states.
Opium War
British like to get high. Chinese cut them off. War breaks out. British force China to sue for peace after the take Grand Canal.
Boxer Repellion
Rid china of "foreign devils". Kill foriegners. Brit-Japan have to crush rebellion.
supported boxer rebellion so Qing considered corrupt bc of her.
Stimulate ecomonic development in Russia by railway construction.
Self Strengthening movement
blend Chinese tradition with European technology.
Nicholas II
lots of oppression and police control and tried to expand in east asia thus causing Russo Japanese War.
Alexander II
abolish serfdom
Pi Yu
publish a series of treastise that rethink confucianism