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What is a Conquistador?
determination brought succes, spainish conqeurours
settelbemt of peopl in new area conncted w/ parent country
set of priciples that dominated economice thought in 17'00s. gold and silver means strong contry.
balance of trade
diff. in value between imports and exports.
Who was Vasco da Gama?
went around tip of africa to get to india and brought back spices.
Christopher Columbus
Italian explorere(for spain) that tried to get to asia by going west
John Cabot
Explored New England coastline of americas
Amerigo Vespucci
found and wrote about americas. was map maker
Prince Henry the Navigator
set up school of navigators.
Conquered the Incan Empire
first to circumnavigate the world
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas
Drew line. To the East Portugal explored, west spain explored.
What were the problems of treat of tordesillas?
They would said toward each other and meet.

Other Countries would want to explore
Hernan Cortes?
Conquered the Aztecs
What was the motivation for exporation and why?
Gold-Make money
God-Spread faith (Catholic)
What were the technologies of the exploration and what they let explorers do.
Portolani-Charts used for coastlines
Cartograph-map making
Astrolabe-Measures latitude
Lateen Sail-let you sail against wind
Caravell-flat bottomed boat
What was Middle Passage?
the leg of slave trade when people traveled from africa to americas
Describe Triangular Slave Trade.
1)European Ships carred goods to africa where they were traded for slaves
2)Slaves were shipped to americas
3)European merchants brought raw materials from america to europe.
What were the effect of slave trade on africa?
Depopulated areas
Increased warfare (Prisoners of war)
Killed culture
traderoutes shifted
empires collapsed
What were the 4 political systems of southeast asia and describe.
Buddisht kings are higher than people and are connection to gods
Javanese Kings have sacred qualites and maintain balance b/w worlds
Islamic sultans: kings were mortal w/ qualities defender of fate and staffed bureaucracy
Vietnamese emporor: rule by confucius.