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what factors contributed to great britains industrial success
labor pool, capital resources and rivers
what is the system called in which profits are used to expand factories and invest new businesses
industrial capitalism
working conditions in the nineteenth century industry led to the growht of what
labor unions
what were most of the earliest factories were locate near
what wes evident in the socail change brouth about by the industrial revolution
created bourguosie and working class
what did romantics value
focus on indstrial and emotional aspect of real life
according to adam smith and economy works best when it is driven by what
what did supporters of the laissez faire policies favor
no government interfence in economy
karl marx argued that history was advanced by the conflict between classes true or false
what was the movement of people from rural areasto citied referred to as
according to karl marx the ____ or working class was oppressed by the middle class
what did european powers fear after the decline of the ottomen empire
russian expansion
what was a major reason for russias late industrialization
self based agriculture systme
local elites would be romoved from power and replaced with a new set of officials fromthe mothercountry if the colony was run by what
direct rule
who set up the nonviolent movemntn with the aimto force the british to aid the poor and grant independence to india
What was teh white mans burden
westernixing teh savages
what did british merchantssmuggle into china that allolwed teh to make huge profits
in 188514 nations met in berlin to discuss the partition of what country
what did the colonial officials often discourage native people from
old customs
a region wher an imperialist power possesses exclusive trading rights but does not govern
sphere of influence
what did european traders gain by dealing directly with chinese warlords for exclusive trading rights
sphere of influence
what was the treaty of versailles
making germany pay for war costs and losses
what was growing along the nations army which was also known as the aggressive preparatino for war
what is the term for an understanding but not an alliance between two nations
a ____ state is a government that aims to control the political economic social intellectual and cultural loves of its citiznes
what is a period of low economci activity and rising unemployment
economic depression
fascism glorifies the state above teh individual by emphasizing the need for what
what did the theory of permanent revolution stress
spreading communism throughout the world
what did fascists advocate
total government control (totalitarian
what country emergesd from ww1 with the most dynamic industrial economy
Under the soviet colleectivization plan who was farmland to be owned by
the government
how did mhandas gandhi protest british laws
what did communists need in china in order to fight the larger nationalist army
peasants and their gorilla style of tactics
what is a more modern term for genocide
ethnic cleansing
what did mao zedong believe in the chinese revolution would be driven by
working class and peasants
expalin ligarchy
ruled by a few
what present day area remains after ww1 in the ottomen empire
mao zedong built the red army by focusing on the recruitment of who
great britains policy of what toward germany was based on the belief that the satisfaction of reasonable demands would maintain peace in urope
what was the period of political tension following ww1
cold war / nuclear war
what group did the nazis on racial ground not choos for extermination
anyone they felt
What was nuremberg the site of
trails bringing nazi leaders to justice
the us fears about eh spread of communism were increased when what became a communist nation in 1949 ?
What did many americans fear with the launch of the first satellite
Why was the berlin wall built
to sperate communism areas from non commnist areas
in 1949 what did the western allies form when they were alarmed by the berlin and czechoslovak crises
European economic cooperation was greatly strengthened by the creation of what
the common market
one of the european unions first goals was the establishment of
common currency
what did the north american free trade greement seek
free trade in canada and mexico
througout the 1960's and 1970's the british government struggled to address fighting in the northern ireland between which two religons
protestants and catholics
what doe the african union aimto do
become democratic and increase economic growth
modern aftrica cultures are characterized byt he tension between what
traditional ways and modern wester culture
what did the tianamen square invole
people rallied for democracy and govt. sent the military
at the end of world war 2 which two religions did indias populations deeply divide leading tot he formation of two distinct countries
hindy and muslims
the oppressive military regimeknown was the Khmer Rouge ruled which nation
what large muslim country fromed in 1947 by the partition of india
the Tiananmen square crackdown stirred fears in hong kong about what
political instability
What is the social structure of latin america characterized by
a huge gap between wealths
what are develpoing countries characterized by
farming and lack of industrialization