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lead the effort to establish an independent indonesia
a general that took power over an attempted coup and began a bloodbath that killed between 500,000-1 million Indonesians
negritude movement
a movement to celebrate african culture, heritage, and values
Kwane Nkrumah
the leader of the mostly nonviolent movement of africans who wanted full freedom
jomo kenyatta
a strong leader of the kenyan nationalist movement
ahmed ben bella
was the president of newly independent algeria
mobuto sese seko
was the leader of Zaire for thirty-two years
anwar sadat
took over presidency of egypt after nassar
golda meir
the prime minister of isreal, launched a couterattack to regian land that was lost
palestine liberation organization
yasir arafat
in 1969 became the chairman of the plo
camp david accord
also called the declaration of principles
transcaucasian republics
made up of armenis, azerbaijan, and georgia
olso peace accord
aslo called the declaration of principles
an uprising
central asian republics
made up of uzbekistan, turkmenistan, tajikistan,kazakhstan, and kyrgyzstan
holy wars
a conservative islamic group