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Treaty of Nanking
Def: Result of Opium War
Sig: Cedes Hong Kong to British
Ana: Had Hong Kong until 1990s
Tanzimat Reforms
Def: Nineteenth-century reforms by Ottomans designed to make the government more efficient
Sig: Was made to combat the decline of the empire
Ana: Facilitated trade
Young Turks
Def: Ottoman society founded in 1889
Sig: Goal was to restore the empire
Ana: Didn't work.
Taiping Rebellion
Def: Southern Chinese revolt against the Qing Empire
Sig: Overthrew the government
Ana: People support crazy guy's idea
Boxer Rebellion
Def: Revolt against foreign residents in China
Sig: Put down by Europeans, Americans, and Japanese
Ana: Embarasses China
Code Napoleon
Def: Collection of laws that standardized French law under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte
Sig: Made by Napoleon
Ana: Regarded the rule of Law
Def: Government seeking classless and stateless control
Sig: Was an economic system as well
Ana: Result of the proletariat revolt
Def: Military draft
Sig: Allowed everyone to go into the military
Ana: Promotes entire national equality
Def: The movement to achieve women's rights
Sig: Wasn't very successful in the US
Ana: Gave lots of other rights, such as working, to women
Def: Extreme radicals during the French Revolution
Sig: Reign of Terror occurred under their leadership
Ana: Killed lots of people
Reign of Terror
Def: Period of the most extreme violence during the French Revolution
Sig: Thousands of people were executed
Ana: Still debated about today whether it was worth it
Def: Political movement originating in 19th century Europe
Sig: Emphasized state control of the major means of production
Ana: State had more control than capitalism
Sepoy Rebellion
Def: Rebelled in India against the British East India Compay
Sig: British took control of India
Ana: Animal fats insulted them
Revolutions of 1848
Def: Democratic and nationalist movements that swept through Europe
Sig: Most were unsuccessful
Ana: Happened in 1848
Gran Columbia
Def: Temporary union of the northern portion of South America
Sig: Happened after independence movements of Simon Bolivar
Ana: Ended in 1830