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What controbutions were made during Solomon's reign?
Increased authority by negotiating with Egyptian and Mesopotamian empires, built temple
How did Jusaism affect other world religions?
the idea of one god, monotheism; Christiananty and Islam were developed from this thought
What did the Assyrians originally , go? Expanision...
upper Tigris River in Northern Mesop. ; expanded across Mesop.
What parts of the world did the Assyrians conquer?
Phonecia, Egypt, Syria, Babylonia, and Palestine
capital city established by Assyrians
Language of Assyrians
king of the Chaldeans
city that was basically destroyed by Chaldean attacks
Capital city of the Chaldeans
where did the Persians originate
southeren Iran
who did the persians conquer under Cyrus the Great
Chaldeans and Babylonians
What were some of emperor Darius' contributins to the Persians
established standard governing style, created single code of laws
Armaenss capital city and trade route controlled by them
Damascus, rich overland between Egypt and Mesopotamia
describe the civilization of the Lydians by the late 600's
developed wealthy and independent kindom-- famous for gold desposits
Hitties capital
What did the Hittites contribute to early Middle Eastern culture?
legal system
Gods of Zoroastriansim
Ahura Mazda, Angra Monya
Relgios founder of Z
Sacred writings of Z
Zed- Avesta
house of worhip of the Z
the Temple of Fire
Holiday of the Z
mid-spring, summer, winter, harvest, bringing in the cattle, all souls, new year
divisins of the Z
Parsis (Indian), Iranian
Today the Z are found
in India, Pakistan, Iran
Belefs of the Z
- man chooses between good and evil
-good deeds
- charity and quality