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The _____ _____ _____ _____ set up regional courts.
Judiciary Act of 1801
The _____ _____ was a crisis in France that made it hard for aliens to be citizens.
XYZ Affair
The _____ _____ is the branch of government that makes the nation's law.
Legislative Branch
The _____ _____ is the branch of government that interprets the nation's law.
Judicial Branch
The _____ _____ _____ is America's first Constitution.
Articles of Confederation
The ____ _____ deals with financial affairs.
Treasury Dept.
The _____ _____ deals with national defense system.
War Dept.
The _____ _____ deals with foreign affairs.
State Dept.
The _____ _____ provides electoral college; deals with the election of the President and the Vice Presidemt.
12th Amendment
The _____ _____ _____ was when the Native Ameericans agreed to surrender most of the land in present-day Ohio.
Treaty of Greenville
The _____ _____ was when an alien tries to become a citizen,; made it difficult for alien to become citizens
Naturalization Act
The _____ was a point of intellectual and artistic creativity; "rebirth"
The _____ _____ was the exchange of goods and ideas between the people of Europe and the Americas.
Columbian Exchange
Mexican Revolutionary
Miguel Hidalgo
Created the American system
Henry Clay
Secretary of Treasury
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson running mate
Aaron Burr
Introduced the Virginia Plan
Edmond Randolph
Thinker and writer
John Locke
African American pilot
Peter Salem
Local militia group that went against British troops
Green Mountain Boys
Guerilla leader
Francis Marion
Patriot fighter
Magaret Corbin
Hired soldiers from Germany that had to fight against the Patriots
Republicans who pressed for war with Britain
War Hawks
Money for investment
Uniform pieces
Interchangeable part
Prohibiting trade with another country
1817 in inauguration speech said he was proud of U.S. accomplishments
James Monroe
After 1812 war, defended the nation in "liberty & Union," and now and forever speech
Daniel Webster
Forced Napolean Bonaparte to abandon plans for an American Empire
Toussaint Louvertire
Joined forces with British after "Battle of Tippercanoe. He thought that Genral William Harrison was trying to prevent Native Americans from becoming powerful
Believed in state banks; Patriots: americans who supported independence
American's thought it was dishonorable
Jay's Treaty
thought that political parties would divide the nation. He did not attend the Paris Peace talks.
George Washington
Believed in National Government
Ben Franklin
Wrote "these are the times that try men's souls."
Thomas Paine
provided for a chief executive
Caused trouble between U.S. and Spain
Mississippi River