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What was the western border of the Mali Empire?
Atlantic Ocean
What animal did Malians hunt by kidnapping a calf and then reintroducing it into a herd?
What did Malians use for bowls?
What is a griot?
Member of a caste of professinol historians
What is the Turummi?
A myth that an animal ate kids late at night
What separates North Africa from sub-Saharan Africa?
The Equator
What changes in the Sahars?
Shrinks when rains
What is the mountain range in North Africa?
What two rivers did Malians use extensively?
Senegal, Niger river
What is the southern most dessert in Africa?
Kalahari Dessert
What two cities in the empire of Mali?
Gao and Timbuktu
Who is the founder of Mali?
Sundiate Kieta
What is the Sahal?
The Sub-Sahara
Three achivements of Islamic Society?
1. Gupta Mathematicians
2. Place Value System
3. First Map of the Human Body
What created the two divisions of Islam, and what are they?
When Muhammad died, Islam was split into two divions, the Shites and Sunnis. The Shiites consider Ali, the cousin of Muhammad, and his descendants as Muhammad’s true successors.
What are the Five Pillars?
-1-One g-d
-4-Fasting in Ramadan
What is Ethnocentrism?
One culture belives that their group is superior to another group
Who founded the Shang Dynasty?
Tang founded the Shang Dynasty
WHo is the leader of Islam?
Who is theleader of Buddhism?
Saddharta Gautama
Who si the leader of Daoism?
Founding date of Islam?
661 AD
Founding of Buddhism
556 BC
Founding of Confucianism
551 BC
Founding of Daoism
551 BC
What is a Primary Source?
Firsthand Information
What is a Secondary Source?
Descriptions of an event
What is the Madinnah Compact?
Which created an Islamic State