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*lived on Crete in the Agean Sea
*named after King Minus
*thought to be a myth until the ruins were discovered
*thought to be the 1st Greeks
Why did the Minoans turn to the sea for their livlihood?
there iland was infertele
How did the Minoans use their sailing skills?
For trade and to bring back culture to Crete from The Nile Valley and Mesopotamia .
What was the form of writng used by the Minoans?
They had a form of writing, but it hasn't been able to be deciphered.
The Labrynth, the Minotaur were used for what?
They were supposedly on Crete and used for the sacrifice of young boys and girls.
Capital City of Minoan civilazation?
the phoenicians were called
"the carriers of civilization"
the phoenicians were located in
the phoenicians had great farming and grew meny crops (true or false)
(false) there land wasint fertile enough so there was no large scale farming
what did the phoenicians live off of
the sea
what was the most famus treading coleny in phoenician controle named
how did the phoenicians help advance less advanced civilazations
through treading and colonization the phoenicians told meny people of the advancements of egypt and mesopotamia
the phoenicians were good at bilding sailing and useing _________ to tread and spread calture
were did the phoenicians sail to get tin
great Briton
the phoenicians are said to have sailed around _______
the contanent of africa
what were the to most importent things the phoenicians used and treaded
seeder (wood) and purple dye made from snails called murex
1 snail would make 10000 drops of purple dye (true or false)
(false) it is said that 1 snail would make 1 drop of dye
today we have a form of writeing derived from what phoenician form of writeing
where did the minoans live
on the iland of crete
in what sea was the minoans civilazation located
aegean sea
what was the minoans people named after
king minus
in minoan lands every 1 had running water (true or false)
(false) only the high class had running water
what was the name of the paintings that were carved into walls in minoans lands
this is why we no so much about the minoans
Socrates thought the Minoan civilization to be what
how was the minoan civalization distroyed
it was ingalfed by a tidle wave from the iland of Santorini
the assyrians were the most noble of the ancent lands (true or false)
(false)the assyrians were hardly noble they were a war like people
what kind of government did the assyrians have
the assyrians had a monarcy
how did the assyrian king controle all his land
they split the lad into 2 providinces (upper and lower)and he used his goveners to colect taxes and keep the best controle he could
the assyrians had a great empier (true or false)
(true) it was so succseful meny middle eastern civalizations modaled after it
why did the assyrians bild roads
to move milatary faster to where its needed
what was the name of assyrian civalizations capatle city
where was the assyrians lands?
northern iraq
the assyrians power didint reatch far past the fertile creasent (true or false)
(false) not only did they controle the fertile creasent but also most of egypt and anatolia (turkey)
why did the assyrians have such a great army
constant attacks from outsiders
where is the statue of zeus at
what wonder of thw world is in ephesus
temple of artemis
what wonder of the world is at halicarnassus
mausoleum at halicarnassus
where is the colossus of rhodes located
where is the pharos of alexandria at
what r the 2 most well nown wonders of the world
the pyramids and the hanging gardons of babylon
what r the three mager religions
critianity jewdisum muslum
where was jewdisum started and why
in ur thats where aberham was
what was the name of the land yowhee promised aberham
why did aberham leave canaan?
what r the 4 main diffrences between jewdisum and other religons of the time
2.)god is all powerful
3.)god is a spectrale being
4.)u can choose between good and evil
5.)god promised to protect his people as long as they wershuped him
god promised to protect his people as long as they wershiped him what is this thruse called
a covenit
who was cyrus king of
the persions
cyrus was nown as a great ruler becouse he
government and milatary accomplishments
where did cyrus die
on the battle feild
who toke controle after cyrus
camybyses (his son)
what land did camybyses conqure to gain much land
camybyses was more tolerent of his people hen his fother (true/false)
false he was horrible to the people
who stole controle from camybyses
darius with the help of the thoused emortales
after cumybyses death what did the people do
they rieted
what did the medes and chaldeans do?
they distroyed assrion empier
what is the capitle city of persions
what is a satrap
a goverment of provinces in persion empire
what r satrapies
the provinces themselfs