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what is aristocracy?
a privileged ruling class.
how is a oligarchy governed?
it is governed by a few leaders who form a group usually from upper classes
a democracy is what?
when the head of goverment is chosen by the people.
what is a republic?
where only certain citizens are allowed to vote.
how is a monarchy ruled?
a monarchy is ruled by a royal family. power is passed within their royal family generation to generation.
how many rulers control a dictatorship?
who controls the making of laws in the u.s. government?
the legilative branch.
what does the executive branch do in the u.s. government?
carries out laws
the judicial branch of goverment does what?
interprets laws.
a prime minister is who?
the leader of the executive branch in parliament.
the house of representatives is what?
the lower house of u.s. congress.
what do senators do?
they run upper house of the u.s congress.
what is the constitution?
a plan that provides the basic organization and rules for government.
social security does what?
it is an insurance plan that pays monthly benefits for retired and disabled people.
what is inflation?
a general increase of prices due to decline in the value of money.
what is inflation?
a general increase of prices due to decline in the value of money.
what is a period when jobs are scarce called?
a recession
what is a period when no money circulates?
a depression.
how many amendments of the constitution are in the bill of rights?
there are ten amendments in the bill of rights.
the freedom of speech,assembly,and religion also the right to bear arms are a part of which two amendments?
the first and second amendments.
what rights did the 13th,14th and 15th amendments do?
they abolished slavery,garunteed citizenship to blacks,and gave blacks voting rights.
what was the drive to extend the u.s. borders to the pacific ocean called?
manifest destiny