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List the 4 major European land regions
1. Northwestern Highlands
2. North European Plain
3. Central Uplands
4. Alpine Mountains
Where is the Northwestern Highlands region located?
in northern parts of France, Great Britain, and Scandinavia
Where is the Central Uplands Region of Europe located?
in the center of southern Europe
Where is the North European Plain located?
From England to the Ural Mountains
Where is the Alpine Mountain System located?
from Spain to the Balkans and east to Georgia
What is the name for the region EAST of the Ural Mountains?
What is the name for the region EAST of the Ural Mountains?
List the 3 major river systems located in Europe and Russia:
1. Rhine River
2. Volga River
3. Danube River
What type of climate does Northwestern Europe experience?
marine west coast climate
What type of climate does the Mediterranean region experience?
mild rainy winters and hot dry summers
What type of climate do the inland European nations experience?
Humid continental climate
What type of climate do the subarctic and tundra regions experience?
harsh cold climate
How long is the Trans-Siberian Railroad?
thousands of mile long
What is the world's largest landmass?
Describe what is "Eurasia"
It's the continents of Europe and Asia
T or F
The majority of Eurasia lies mostly in the southern latitudes.
Eurasia lies mostly in the northern latitudes
How many countries make up the Eurpean continent?
48 countries
T or F
Each European country is about the size of an average state in the US.
What is the largest country in the world?
T or F
Part of Russia is included in the European continent.
What land mass marks the boundary between Europe and Asia?
Ural Mountains
At what latitudes do most of Europe and Russia lie?
Between 40 and 60 degrees
What region has the most productive farmland and the largest cities in Europe?
North European Plain
Why is the Volga un-navigable during the winter months?
It and other rivers in Russia are frozen for 3 months out of the year.
What type of landform does the European continent form?
A peninsula
What European region is too rocky for farming but has land that is rich in minerals and is good for grazing goats and sheep?
Central Uplands
What region of Europe is a favorite vacation site for hikers and skiers?
Alpine Mountain System
List the 3 areas of Siberia:
1. West Siberian Plain
2. Central Siberian Plateau
3. East Siberian Uplands
What is the name for a body of land nearly surrounded by water?
What is a large raised area of mostly level land?
What is a river or stream that flows into a larger river?
What word describes the body of water that is clear enough for ships to travel through?
What is the name for the Russian grasslands that have fertile black soil good for farming?
What type of forests once covered most of Europe?
Deciduous forests
What type of forest has trees with cones that carry the seeds?
Coniferous forests
What type of forests are mainly in Northern Europe and Russia?
Coniferous forests
What is a treeless plain where only grasses and mosses grow that has permafrost?
What type of land region is Iceland, Norway and northern Russia?
What type of ground is found in a Tundra climate?
What is the name for the grasslands of the North European plain?
What is the name for the forested region of Russia that covers more than 4 million square miles?
The Taiga
What type of fuels are in the form of oil, natural gas, and coal?
Fossil fuels.
T or F
Fossil fuels are renewable resources.
False. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources.
What type of climate does Barcelona have?
Mediterranean: mild rainy winters and hot dry summers
What type of climate does Irkutsk have?
T or F
The temperature on a pleasant summer day in Irkutsk is the same as the temperature on a chilly winter day in Barcelona.
Where is Barcelona located?
In Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea
Where is Irkutsk located?
Southern Siberia
What body of water borders the northern countries of Europe?
Atlantic Ocean
What body of water borders the southern countries of Europe?
The Mediterranean Sea.
What keeps the northern coastlines of Gr. Britain and Norway from freezing in the winter?
The Gulf Stream
Where does the Gulf Stream originate?
Gulf of Mexico
T or F
West of the Alpine Mountains rainfall is light and the area is hot and dry.
False. West of the Alp. Mts, rainfall is heavy because of the moist warm air blowing inland from the Gulfstream rises up over the mountains. The air cools and snow fall over the mountains.
On which side of the Alp. Mts. is the climate hot and dryer than the otherside, East or West
East. Because the West rainier.
What type of climate does the north part of Norway and the southern tip of Iceland have?
Marine westcoast.
What is the term for an area on the dry sheltered side of a mountain that receives little rainfall called?
Rain shadow.
What countries are in the rain shadow of the Alpine Mountains?
The European countries that ring the Mediterranean Sea.
What climate does most of Eastern Europe have?
Humid continental.
Describe the climate of inland Eastern European countries:
Long cold winters and very hot summers.
Why do few people live in the climate regions of the subarctic and tundra areas of Europe?
Long dark winters with temperatures well below zero. Short summers with temperatures not getting much above freezing (32 degrees)
List the 4 factors that determine natural vegetation or plant life of an area:
1. Temperature
2. Rainfall
3. Altitude
4. Latitude
What Eurasian countries have tundra?
1. northern Russia
2. Norway
3. Iceland
List 3 obstacles that makes it difficult for Russia to turn its natural resources into wealth?
1. harsh climate
2. frozen rivers making them un-navigable
3. huge transportation distances.
List the forms of fossil fuels found in Europe:
1. oil
2. natural gas
3. coal
What fuels are formed over millions of years from the remains of ancient animals and plants?
Fossil fuels
Define nonrenewable resources:
Once they are used up, they are gone.
What are is the name of the marine plants and animals that lived millions of years ago that changed over time to oil?
What did the ancient plant and animals materials turn into that lead to the formation of coal?
Where is oil primarily found in Euroasia?
North Sea and Siberia
Where is coal found in Eurasia?
1. Gr. Britain
2. Ruhr Valley of Germany
3. Silesia (where Poland, Czech Republic and Germany come together
4. Ukraine
5. Russia
Where is the Ruhr Valley located?
What countries have areas in the industrial area known as Silesia?
1. Poland
2. Czech Republic
3. Germany
Where are the most of Russia's mineral deposits located?
West of the Ural Mountains
How much of the world's coal reserves are located in the combined countries of Russia and the Urkraine?
List the uses of water in Western Europe:
1. Personnal use
2. Irrigating crops
3. Transporting goods
4. Energy source
What is the name for the machines that spin from the force of water flowing from a dam?
What is the name for the type of electricity that results from water flowing from a dam?
Hydroelectric Power
Name 5 countries that use water as a major source of electricity:
1. Norway
2. Sweden
3. Switzerland
4. Austria
5. Spain
6. Portugal
Why can't the rivers located in the north and east parts of Russia and Siberia be used for hydroeclectricy?
Because they are frozen for long periods AND they are heavily polluted from industrial wastes.
What is the name for the dust-like soil located in the North European plain?
What is the name for the black soil located in the Ukraine?
What part of Russia is in Asia?
What is the longest river on the continent of Europe?
Volga River