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Largest State is_____?
Largest Volcanoe is_____?
Mauna loa
Highest Peak in North America is_____?
Mt. McKinley
_____ Errupted in 1980 causing major damage.
Mt. St Helens
Largest mountain in the contiguous United States is_____?
Mt. Whitney
Continental divide is located in this mountain range_____?
_____ determines wheater the rive will flow east or west.
Continental Divide
Which of the great lakes lake does not give up her dead
Lake Superior
Which of the great lakes is the deepest_____?
Lake Superior
This is the boat that sunk unexpectedly in Lake Superior
Edmund Fitzgerald
______ is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the United States.
Lake Mead
Deepest spot in the earths crust is _____?
Mariana Trench(Challenger Deep)
The only great lake that lies entirely in the united states is the _____?
Lake Michigan
Red River log jam was _____ miles long
This river flows into lake erie
Cuyahoga River
_____ is the river that caught on fire.
Cuyahoga River
_____ Is the most polluted of all the great lakes.
Lake Erie
What is the river that does not have river in is name
Rio Grand
The great salt lake is located in _____?
the marianas trench is located where_____?