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define latitude
lines on a globe that are drawn in an east to west direction; measured in degres
define longitude
lines on a globe that are drawn in an north to south driection; mesured in degres
define relative location
located near landmark non-specific
define absolute location
directions, longitiude latitude, adresses
what is a compass rose?
a map element with arrows pointing in all four principal directions
what is a map legend (key)
explains the symbols used on the map you are using.
give two examples of the physical characteristics of a place (five themes of geagraphy)
plants, climate, landforms.
give three examples of the human characteristics of a place( five themes of geography)
religion, language, architecture, clothing, farming, customs.
give absolute location for the folowing:
tropic of cancer 23 1/2' N
tropic of capricorn 23 1/2 ' S
arctic circle 66 1/2 ' N
anarctic circle 66 1/2 ' S
the imaginary line that divides the earth into north and south hemisphers
the imaginary line that passes through Greenwich, England
prime meridian
identify the main distortion of the following maps. robinson, mercator, goodes interupted, polar and which professions use them
1.robinson- distance:education
2.mercator-polar areas:sailors
3.goodes-distance: breaks education
4.polar-around edges:airline pilots
thress main latitude climates
tropicla/low-hot all year
temperate/middle-wide vareity
what is the ocean current thet warms the coasts of the united kingdom and which climate zon it originates
north atlantic drift
what type of trees do we find in the temperate/mild
cold onean currents come from the-?-climate zone while warm ocean currents come from the
-?-climate zones
what is the differance between weather and climate?
climate-normal weather pattern for that area
weather-changes quickley
volcanoes are -?- (internal/external)force that plays a role in creating new landforms?
what type of erosion created the grand canyon?
moving water
the circle of volcanoes around the pacific is called ?
the ring of fire
the greatest cause of erosin is-?-
moving water
_____ are varey destructive tidal waves
define rural
define urban
climate regions are classified on the basis of what two factors?
1.long period of time
2.type of weather
what factors influuence climate?
weather, latitude, neerness to large bodies of water
name 3 ways the earth goe about trying to balance its heat?
convection, winds. ocean currents
in what way do glaciers help to change the earths suface?
carveout valleys, scraping away
what is permafrost an in what climate region do we find pernafrost?
what are praries
a temperate grassland characterized by a vareity of grasses
define literacy rate
the ability to read and write
define infant mortality rate
the number of children who die befort 1st b-day/ fore every 1000 live births
define standard of living
Degree of prosperity in a nation, as measured by income levels, quality of housing and food, medical care, educational opportunities, transportation, communications, and other measures. The standard of living in different countries is frequently compared based on annual per capita income. On an individual level, the standard of living is a measure of the quality of life in such areas as housing, food, education, clothing, transportation, and employment opportunities.
define substitence farming
farming just enough to feed their family
define commercial farming
more than enought to sell
what has coused a decline in death rates in developed countries.
health care/better medicine
define and give examples of the following:
nonrenewable resources
renewable resources
true/false-the worlds natural resources are evenly distrubeted worldwide
define economic interdependence
depend on other countries for what they need
what type of religion links north and south america
what form of government does the united states and cnada share
what indicator is used to measure the economic developement of a nation
most industrilized nations depend upon what type of energy source?
fossil fuels