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what is a rift valley?
6,000 mile crack
lebanon to mozambique
divides kenya
what is unusual about the rivers in africa
they flow inward although they eventually depart on the coast at the ocean
what is an escarpment
waterfalls and rapids on plateaus
in medical geography, what is the host
a disease that infects many people
the vector
the carriers of infectious disease
the reservoir
where the disease can be found
where is the tse tse fly prevalent
middle third of africa
how is the land tenure system different than that of europe
afrcan communities own land, european people own land
who were the 5 main colonizing countries in 1884 berlin conference?
british, french, portuguese, beligium, germany
which subsaharan language family dominates
what are linguae francae
languages spoken widely (french and english)
why is multilingualism a centrefigure force in africa
because the language is very important to the culture in each region, no one wants to change
what are the sectors of urbanization in africa
formal- cities, headquarters
informal-rural immigrants, immenial jobs
why is southern africa the continents richest region materially
it contains the copperbelt
which country is the copperbelt located
the great dyke is a mineral rich zone in the country of
the whitwatersland is located in the country of
south africa
which country is considered on of the poorest in the world
what is apartied
separate development
why is south africa the dominent state in southern africa?
mineral wealth
what 5 countries make up the middle tier of southern africa
botswana, lesotho, swaziland, zimbabwe,nambibia
what are zimbabwes 4 main ag products
sugar, tea, cotton, tobacco
what 4 counrties make up SA northern tier
angola, mosambique, malawil, zambia
name the 5 long lakes on the west side of the eastern region
albert, edward, kivo, tanganyika
which country is dominante in east africa
kenyas economy is based on what 3 variable
coffee, tea. tourism
why is tanzania described as a country without a core
too many sparce clusters
which has a larger pop, rwanda, or burundi
what is the 4th largest island in the world
what 2 ingredients make the congo the leader in the region
minerals, agriculture
the 4 countries in the middle region of africa have what important resource for export
the minrerals of gabon
maganese, iron ore, uranium
what 2 countries domintated w africa
fracne britain
nigerias resourse
how many core areas of nigeria
sharia law?
english law?
freed slaves
liberia, sierra leaon
african transition zone is for what 2 grousp
muslim and non
what countries make the af trans zone
ethiopia, somalia, eritrea, djbouti
whats a land bridge
isthamtic link between 2 countries
internal focus of spanish city was
new land
mainland CA dominates what cultural heritage
european, spanish
rimland CA dominates what cultural heritage
european, african
plantations dominate what region in CA
where are large mexican cities located
high land
poorest part of mexico
where is oil in mexico
east coast, bay of capeache
what are maquiladoras
american factories on border of mexixco
most of pop lives in what one of altitude
terra templade
how is belize different
mostly black
what CA has the largest pop
wahat is the heartland of costa rica
central valley
how large is the panama canal
50 long, 10 wide
what is a mulatto
greater antilles
cuba, costa rica, jamaica, hispaniola island,
what country is poorest in western hemisphere
where was inca
peru, chile
what is altiplano
elongated basins
what is land alienation
takeover of amerindian lands
why is brasil black
slave trade
whta percent of south america is urban
6 largest cities of south america
buenos airs, rio degenero, lima, sau paulo, santiago, bagota
what region of SA is most urbanized
what region of SA is least urbanized
what SA 2 counrties have oil reserves
colmbia, venezuela
what are the 3 sub regions od peru
desert coast, andean highlands, eastern slopes
40% equador lives in
what si the heart of bolivia
2 exports of bolivia that go to brasil and argentina
oil and gas
why is the pampas the most imp sub group of argentian
what is more european, uraguay or paraguay
90% of chile is where
why is the atacama desert so imp tp chile
nitrate and copper
cultural hearth of brasil
north east
modern core of brasil
leading crop of interior brasil
main city in north amazon of brasil
iron ore