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what 2 countries are connected by the chunnel?
england and france
what is europes largest city and what is its population?
London . 8 million
define dialect
local forms of languages
hat is the worlds smallest many ppl does it have and how many square miles is it?
Vatican City
define language family
group of related languages that developed from an earlier language
the ___ ___ was a power strugle between the US and the soviet union
cold war
what group of ppl are credited w\ building rome?
In what year did the Berlin wall fall?
Two major factors that determine population density
physical geography
What European country has the highest population and what is it?
8 million
Define crusades
Series of religious wars to win Palestine back from Muslims
three main branches of the Indo-European language family and 2 examples of ecah
Balto-Slavic: Polish, Bulgarian
Germanic: English, German, Dutch
Romance: Italian, Spanish
Who introduced Christianity into Europe and when?
380 a.d.
define Refugee
People who flee to a foreign country for safety
What country is an example of most of its people being of the same culture, language, religion, etc.
Define holocaust
mass killing of 6 million jews in WWII
When was the peak of the Roman Empire
between 27 BC and 180 AD
When was the peak of the Greek empire?
400s and 300s BC
Who influenced the writers and painters of the Renaissance the most?
Roman and Greek Culture
When did the Industrial Revolution take place?
1750 - 1900
What was the result of the Industrial Revolution?
turned Europe from an Agricultural to an Industrial country
Who established the first democratic form of government?
What are the postage stamp countries?
Tiny countries in Europe
Define communism
Economic and political system designed to establish a classless society where workers would control industiral production
What is ethnic cleansing
residents considered enemies were driven from their homes or killed
Where Jews in Europe located?
most European countries
Define feudalism
powerful lords who gave land to nobels in return for people's loyalty
_____ lessened the power of the Catholic Church and led to Protestantism
What is realism art?
art that portrayed life as it really was
What was the Forbidden Zone?
856 mile barrier constructed to divide east germany and west germany with fences and minefields, and it was heavily guarded
List the official languages of Switzerland
German, French, Italian
Why was the Berlin Wall built?
To divide West Berlin and East Berlin and keep people from fleeing to East Germany from West Germany
the _________ first started exploration looking for trade routes to india