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What is a subcontinent and name one?
large landmass - South Asia
What are alluvial plains?
Fertile land along river banks, caused by flooding rivers
What are the 3 main rivers of South Asia?
The Indus River
The Ganges River
The Brahmaputra River
What is the large plateau of India?
The Deccan Plateau
What is the nickname of the Himalayan Mountains?
"Roof top of the world" - has 30 of the world's highest mountains
What are the names of the 2 mountain ranges at the Southern tip of India?
The Eastern Ghats & the Western Ghats
What is Hindi?
The main language spoken in India
What are monsoon winds?
Seasonal winds of South Asia - blow out of northeast in winter (cold & dry) - blow out the southwest in summer (wet & hot)
What 2 religions began in South Asia?
Hinduism & Buddhism
What is nirvana?
The goal of Buddhism - means "enlightenment"
What country was formed to end the conflict between Muslims & Hindus in India?
What man helped India gain its independence from Britain?
Mohandas Gandhi
What is nationalism?
Pride in one's country
What is nonviolent resistance?
Opposing an enemy by means other then violence
What is a boycott?
To refuse to use or purchase goods or services in protest
What was the partitian in India?
Divide India by giving most of the land to the Hindus and the northern region to the Muslims - now Pakistan
What country was formed by the Indian/Pakistan war of 1971?
Bangladesh - means "Bengali Nation"
What do Hindus believe in ?
Every living thing has a soul and believe in many gods (polytheistic) - cows are sacred
What Indian river is considered holy?
The Ganges River
What is reincarnation?
Belief that souls go through a series of birth, deaths & rebirths
What is the caste system?
People are born into a certain social rank that can only be improved by obeying the laws of the rank during this life, so you will be reborn into a higher rank next life
What is a charpoy?
Wooden bed frame with knotted strings instead of a mattress - usually only piece of furniture
What is a sari?
Brightly colored cloth worn like a long dress
What is a purdah?
A veil that covers an Indian women's face while out in public
What is the joint family system?
When an Indian man marries, he brings this wife to live wit him & his family, which can include many relatives
What is a buffer state?
A country that separates 2 political enemies. Afghanistan is a buffer state
What are cottage industries?
People who make goods in their own homes
What is hydroelectric power?
Electricity produced by the movement of water
What is the Khyber Pass?
A mountain pass that lets people travel across the Hindu Kush Mountains
Where do most Pakistanis live?
Indus River Basin
What is irrigate?
Supply land with water
What is an embankment dam?
A wall of soil & rock built to hold back water - Tarbela Dam - world's largest
What is the main religion of Pakistan?
Muslim - Islam
What is Pakistan's national language?
Urdu - only 7% speak it
What does Kush mean?
What 2 countries invaded Afghanistan to take control?
Britain & Russia - both failed
What 3 rivers are in Bangladesh?
The Ganges
The Brahmaptura
The Meghna
What is the highest mountain in the world?
Mount Everest - Nepal
What is the main religion of Nepal?
What country ties to keep out tourists to preserve its culture?
What is the main religion of Bhutan?
Who are sherpas?
Skilled mountain climbers of Nepal - work as guides
What is malnutrition?
Lack of food or an unbalanced diet
What is Sri Lankas main export?
What is deforestation?
Cutting down forests
Where is Sri Lanka located?
In the Indian Ocean 33 south of India
What 2 groups are fighting in Sri Lanka?
The Buddhists - Sinhalese
The Hindu - Tamils
The Sinhalese run the government, the Tamils want a separate state