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What continent has the world's lowest life expectancy?
Africa - average life expectancy is 55
How many ethnic groups live south of the Sahara Desert?
What is leaching?
The disolving and washing away of nutrients in soil
What is the name of the semi arid land that is next to the Sahara Desert?
The Sahel
What does diversify mean?
Increase the variety of exports
What is an escarpment?
Steep cliff to a narrow coastal plain
What is a cataract?
Areas of rivers that are broken by waterfalls or rapids
What are ergs?
High sand dunes
What is a rift valley?
2 tectonic plates move apart on the earth's surface.
Example: Great Rift Valley
Wha tis the world's 2nd most populated continent?
Africa - Asia is #1
What is a bazaar?
Traditional Arab open air markets
What is the Khamsin?
Egyptian summer winds that make sand storms
What is the capital of Egypt?
Who are the fellaheen?
Egyptian farmers that don't use machinery, just human labor (no plows)
What is a delta?
Land that is formed by soil dropped from the water as a river slows and enters the sea
What is the world's longest river?
The Nile River - flows north into the Mediteranean Sea
What 3 factors make Egypt important?
Strategic location
Large size
Large population
What is imperialism?
Empire building
What was a pharaoh?
Ruler of ancient Egypt
What is Egypt's offical language and religion?
Arabic and Islam
What canal connects the Mediterranean Sea & the Red Sea?
The Suez Canal
What man became the 1st ruler of independent Egypt in 1952?
Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser
*took back the Suez Canal
*modernized Egypt
*made allies with USSR
What country of the Middle East was the first to recognize Israel as a nation?
Egypt - by President Anwar Sadat
What is basin irrigation?
Egyptian farmers would build walls around their fields to trap the flood waters and silt
What is a reservoir?
Artificial lake
What is perennial irrigation?
A system that provided water for agriculture all year long
What is the name of the dam that was built on the Nile to control flooding?
The Aswan High Dam
What is capital?
Money that is invested in starting new industries
Where do most Egyptians live?
The Nile River Valley
Nile Delta
Suez Canal Zone
What 3 cultures has North Africa been influenced by?
African, Arab & European cultures
What are the Maghreb nations?
Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco -
means "land farthest west"
What has Tunsia invested a lot of money in?
Education - free education thru college
Who are the Tuareg?
Nomadic herders of southwest Sahara - means "free men"
What are souks?
Market areas of North Africa
Does Morocco & Tunisia have oil reserves?
Name 3 reasons why the Algerian government wants to stop people from moving from the country to the cites?
To lower unemployment
Reduce dependence of imported foods
Stop over crowding of cities
What is the capital of Morocco?
What is the capital of Algeria?
What is the capital of Tunisia?
What is the capital of Libya?
What is medina?
Older Arab secton of a city that is centered around a mosque
Who overthrew the king of Libya and started a socialist government?
Muammar Qaddafi
What made Libya wealthy?
Discovery of oil
What is a caravan?
Large group of merchants who travel together for safety
What nickname has been given to camels?
"Ships of the desert"
What are wadis?
Dry river beds that catch water from sudden downpours
What langauge & religion is prominent in North Africa?
Arabic and Islam