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What are the 2 richest countries in Central Asia?
What are the 2 largest countries in Central Asia?
What 3 countries have the largest populations in Central Asia?
What mountain range lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea?
The Causcasus Mountains
What Russian mountain range divides Europe and Asia?
The Ural Mountains
What river flows through the Ukraine to the the Black Sea?
The Volga River
What Russian river flows north to the Arctic Ocean?
The Ob River
What river forms part of the border between Russia and China?
The Amur River
What narrow strait connects the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean?
The Bering Strait
What is the landlocked saltwater Sea of Central Asia?
The Caspian Sea
What South Asian mountain range is the highest in the world?
The Himalayas - Mt. Everest is its highest peak
What 2 mountain ranges border the eastern and western sides of India's Deccan Plateau?
The Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats
What is the mountain located in Japan?
Mount Fuji
What sea is located between the Arabian Penninsula and India?
The Arabian Sea
What bay is located between Eastern India and Southeast Asia?
The Bay of Bengal
What Indian river flows into the Bay of Bengal?
The Ganges River
What Indian river flows through India & Pakistan into the Arabian Sea?
The Indus River
What river flows through Bangledesh into the Bay of Bengal?
The Brahmaputra River
What is another name for China's Chaing Jiang River?
The Yangzi River
What river flows through Laos and Cambodia?
The Mekong River
What is another name of the Yellow River in China?
The Huang He River
Name 3 newly industrialized countries sin East Asia?
South Korea
Does South Asia have many or few religions?
Many - very religously diverse
What type of society is present in India?
The Caste System - everyone is born into a certain place in society
What is the only major mountain range in Austrialia?
The Great Dividing Range
What is the name of the large coral reef off the east coast of Austrailia?
The Great Barrier Reef