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What are the 4 richest countries in North Africa and Southwest Asia?
United Arab Emerites
What are the 3 largest countries in Norh Africa and Southwest Asia?
Saudi Arabia
What 3 countries have the largest populations in North Africa and Southwest Asia?
What mountain range blocks rain from reaching the Sahara Desert?
The Atlas Mountian Range - North Africa
What mountain range is located in Turkey?
The Taurus Mountains
What mountain range is located in Iran?
The Zagros Mountains
What desert is located in North Africa?
The Sahara Desert
What sea is located between Africa and Saudi Arabia?
The Red Sea
What sea is located north of Turkey?
The Black Sea
What sea is located south of the Arabian Peninsula?
The Arabian Sea
What strait gives access to the Persian/Arabian Gulf?
The Strait of Hormuz
What 2 straits give access from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea?
The Dardenelles Strait and Bosporus Strait
What river runs through Egypt?
The Nile River
What 2 rivers run through Iraq?
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What are alluvial soils?
Rich soil along river banks - dropped there from flooding
What is the delta region?
Triangular shapped areas of soil at the mouth of a river
Ex: The Nile -Bramaputra Rivers
What is an oasis?
Regions of green vegetation in the desert
What is wadis?
Dry river banks until it rains
What is the Middle East's most precious resource?
The Suez Canal connects what 2 seas?
The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
Where do most Middle Eastern people live?
Along river banks - not many live in the desert
What 3 religions orginated in the Middle East?
What 3 Middle Eastern countries don't speak Arabic?
Iran - Farsi
Turkey - Turkish
Israel - Hebrew
What are Africa's 3 richest countries?
South Africa
What are Africa's 5 largest countries?
Democratic Republic of Congo
What are Africa's 5 most populous countries?
Democratic Republic of Congo
What continent is a huge plateau, bordered by escarpments (steep cliffs)?
What stops Africans from using their rivers for transportation?
Waterfalls and rapids - called cataracts
What runs through the middle of Africa?
The Equator
Is Africa's coastline rough with many inlets or smooth?
Smooth - very few natural harbors
Many African countries that are able to have access to the sea are called?
Landlocked states
Africa's land is filled with many____________?
Natural resources
The Niger River reaches the Atlantic Ocean by flowing through this country?
The Congo River flows through this country into the Atlantic Ocean?
Democratic Republic of Congo
a.k.a. D.R. Congo
What is Africa's largest lake?
Lake Victoria
Do most people in Africa earn a lving in agriculture or industry?
What type of infrastructure is in Africa?
A very poor infrastructure - bad roads, bridges, water supplies, etc.
What minerals are found in Africa?
Diamonds, gold and alloys
Does Africa have many or few ethnic groups?
Many - with different languages & customs
What are 2 reasons for Africa's large number of refugees?
War and famine
Does Africa have many large cities?
No - few cities with over 1 million people
How are African traditions and history spread?
Through story telling - as the literacy rate is so low
How were many African countries named?
After historical empires - like Mali, Ghana & Zimbabwe